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Bike-Sharing: Bike rental in Frankfurt

Cycle through the city

You probably know it too: You have an important appointment or a date at the other end of town: All hell is breaking loose on the streets, buses and trains are overcrowded or delayed and it's just too far to walk. You'd have to have a bike by now. But either the own wheel is too far away, has a plate or simply does not exist. Fortunately, there is bike sharing, the modern way of renting bicycles. All over the city there are bikes that can be unlocked and used for little money via the respective app, at a terminal or by telephone. Here we present some of the bike sharing offers in Frankfurt.

Call a Bike

The classic is this offer from Deutsche Bahn. In 50 cities and at some ICE stations there are over 13,000 bikes – including many in Frankfurt. The large market presence means that there are quite a few stations in the city area where you can find, rent and return Call-a-Bike bikes. Lending is possible via the app, but also by telephone, with a customer card and at some stations also via a terminal. The wheels can be located quite exactly via the website or the app.

There are different tariffs from which the user can choose. Those who choose the basic rate (3 € per year) pay 1 € for 30 minutes, maximum 15 € for 24 hours. Two bikes can then be borrowed at the same time via one account. The comfort rate is 9 € per month or 49 € per year. If you choose this rate, you pay nothing for the first 30 minutes, then 1 € for every half hour, maximum 12 € for 24 hours. Only 1 bike can be rented here, but you can add a partner bike to the rate (7 € per month/29 € per year).

If you do not use the service regularly, you can also simply choose a day pass. It costs 15 € for 24 hours and 40 € for 72 hours.

Advantages: Good availability, different activation possibilities, good localization of the available wheels

Disadvantages: The parking of the bikes off the official Call-a-Bike stations costs 5 €

More info under: https://www.callabike-interaktiv.en/en/cities/frankfurt


Law new on the market is Byke's offer. The wheels stand out very clearly from the crowd due to their colour and are therefore easy to find. Byke's offer also seems very attractive: the user pays no registration fee, no deposit and can borrow and park the bikes anywhere in public places. For recharging credit, you are also rewarded with a bonus amount, which is then automatically charged according to the use of your own credit. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

The handling is also kept very simple: Simply download the app, enter your mobile phone number and off you go. To rent a bike, simply scan the QR code on the bike. When the lock is closed, the rent is automatically terminated. 30 minutes cost 0,50 €.

There will be more attractive offers soon: A day pass (maximum 12 trips within 24 hours) for 3 €. The monthly subscription should cost 10 € and includes twice 30 minutes usage time per calendar day, each additional 30 minutes will be charged at 0.50 EUR. And the annual subscription for 50 € will include twice 30 minutes usage time per calendar day, each additional 30 minutes will be billed at 0.50 EUR.

Sounds tempting, doesn't it? However, these are currently still launch prices, which can still be adjusted if necessary. So in any case check the current price list again before use.

Advantages: No deposit, no registration fee, distinctive bike look, can be parked at all public places

Disadvantages: Attractive launch prices may differ if applicable. or else no real disadvantages are discernible at the moment.

More info under:


OBike also wanted to gain a foothold in Frankfurt - but after a few months it's over now. The oBike bikes are the first rental bikes to disappear from the cityscape. With a relatively small fleet and a relatively high deposit, the provider simply could not prevail against the competition.


The bike sharing provider nextbike has been on the market since 2007. The approximately 300 bikes available can be borrowed and returned at official stations. These can be localized via the website or the app. Loans can be made via the app, by telephone via the hotline or, at some stations, via the on-board computer. The registration at nextbike is free of charge, only those who register via the hotline have to pay a fee of 3 €.

Rental of bikes costs 1 € per 30 minutes or maximum 9 € per day. If you want to use the service regularly, you should choose the annual rate of 48 €. Here the first 30 minutes are free, each additional half hour costs 1 €. The nextbike offer is attractive for groups because 4 bikes can be borrowed simultaneously from one account.

Advantages: Free registration, up to 4 bikes can be borrowed simultaneously from one account.

Disadvantages: Collection and return of bikes only at the official Next-Bike stations

More info under: https://www.nextbike.en/en/frankfurt/


The Californian company Limebike is the youngest provider in Frankfurt. Since the end of 2017 Limebike has been trying to hold its own against the competition with its rental bikes. With low prices and a simple, stationless handling the success from the USA shall be repeated in Germany. The use is, similar to other providers, very easy: download the app, unlock the bike with the QR code and after use park it on a legal parking lot and lock it at the back wheel to finish the ride. The usage costs 1 € per 30 minutes.

advantages: Wheels can be parked in all public places. Good bikes, easy handling.

Disadvantages: Still relatively small fleet and little information on the homepage.

More info under:


In general: Read the guidelines carefully before using the software for the first time. The bikes, which do not have to be returned to any fixed station, should nevertheless always be parked in public places. Never in hallways, backyards, parking garages or parks. Always check after locking the bikes via the respective app that your ride has been completed. And watch out for the bikes so that the next users can reach their destination without any problems.

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