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August 2022
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Shrovetide in Frankfurt

Pulls, Parties and Costumes

Die Narren sind los! Auch in diesem Jahr wird in Frankfurt und Umgebung das närrische Treiben noch einmal etwas anders gefeiert, als wir es kennen. Umzüge, Partys, spezielle Führungen und Feiern – all das wird es 2022 leider immer noch nicht geben. Deshalb gibt es in diesem Jahr in unserem Special auch andere Tipps als in den Vorjahren - in der Hoffnung, dass wir Euch 2023 an dieser Stelle wieder die schönsten Umzüge und kultigsten Faschings-Partys in Frankfurt und der Region präsentieren dürfen:

Removals in Frankfurt and surroundings

When the numerous associations in their elaborately designed floats drive along the various parade routes and throw candies and small gifts into the crowd, when music bands or dance guards get the audience in the mood and many an original costume is presented, then not only the participants of the carnival parades, but also many thousands of visitors gladly brave even the bad weather or the low temperatures!

Also in 2022, the carnival parades will unfortunately not be able to take place. In Frankfurt are both the Römer-Erstürmung, the children's procession and the Frankfurt Fastnachtszug, as well as the procession through Klaa Paris canceled. And also in other cities such as Wiesbaden or Mainz, the traditional parades unfortunately do not take place.

After all - the carnival stronghold Mainz offers after the cancellation of the big Rosenmontagsumzug all fools and Närrinnen at least a colorful digital program. You can find all the info HERE

On TV you can also this year vigorously celebrate carnival. Our tips are:

21.02.2022, 20:15 clock, hr, Flörsheim celebrates Fassenacht 2020 (also 26.02., 22:15 clock)

21.02.2022, 20:15 clock, SWR, Narrenschau 2022 - Faszination Faasenacht

24.02.2022, 20:15 clock, ZDF, Kölle Alaaf - The girl's session

24.02.2022, 22:20 clock, hr, The Hessian Weiberfastnacht - The best of 2021

25.02.2022, 20:15 clock, ZDF, Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs

25.02.2022, 20:15 clock, WDR, Jet zo laache! Our best carnival speakers

26.02.2022, 20:15 clock, hr, Die Helau-Schau 2022 (also 28.02., 21:45 clock)

26.02.2022, 0:55 clock, hr, The funniest from the Hessian Fastnacht

27.02.2022, 20:15 clock, hr, Hesse dances to the carnival

28.02.2022, 14:10 clock, Das Erste, Rose Monday in Cologne 2022

28.02.2022, 20:15 clock, Das Erste, Carnival in Cologne 2022

28.02.2022, 20:15 clock, hr, Jürgen Leber - his best carnival speeches

01.03.2022, 20:15 o'clock, BR, cheeky and free - the best from three decades Fastnacht in Franconia

01.03.2022, 20:15 clock, SWR, The best of Mainz remains Mainz as it sings and laughs 2001 - 2020

So, put the ribbed and delicious Kreppel on the living room table, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this slightly different Fastnacht - because laughter is so incredibly important, especially at this time! And with a lot of luck we can celebrate and enjoy parades together again in 2022. Helau!!!

Rent or buy costumes in Frankfurt and surroundings

Of course, Mardi Gras includes the perfect costume. Whether as a superhero, U.S. president or quite classic as a cowboy, knight, nurse, crocodile or angel - there is actually no limit to the imagination when it comes to costuming. You can either make the right Shrovetide outfit yourself, buy it or simply borrow it. Where? Here are a few addresses for you:


Costumes and decorations


Zeil 46, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Costume Rental Bruder

Berliner Str. 49, 64347 Griesheim

Costume Rental Günther

Frankfurter Str. 6, 63674 Altenstadt


Partner-Tipps für Frankfurt & Umgebung

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