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Dein Event-Kalender für Frankfurt und Rhein-Main
Entdecke was heute in Frankfurt und in der Rhein-Main Region los ist - finde hier die besten Veranstaltungen!
December 2019
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Carnival in Frankfurt

Movements, parties and costumes

Die Narren sind los! Auch in diesem Jahr wird in Frankfurt und Umgebung das närrische Treiben wieder ausgiebig gefeiert. Umzüge, Partys, spezielle Führungen und Feiern – wer Fasnacht liebt, der kommt nicht nur in den Karnevalshochburgen voll und ganz auf seine Kosten. Wo Ihr in Frankfurt und dem Umland mit Freunden oder der Familie in die bunte Welt der Fastnachtsumzüge eintauchen kann, auf Partys die fünfte Jahreszeit ausgelassen zelebrieren kann und wo man dafür Kostüme kaufen oder leihen kann, haben wir Euch mal in diesem Special zusammengestellt:

Moves in Frankfurt and surroundings

When the numerous clubs drive along the various train routes in their elaborately designed wagons and throw sweets and small gifts into the crowd, when music bands or dance gardens bring the audience into the mood and some original costumes are presented, then not only the participants of the carnival processions, but also many thousands of visitors like to defy the bad weather or the low temperatures! We keep our fingers crossed that Peter will be a carnival fan this year and let the sun shine. Then these events will be even more fun:

02.03.2019 – 12:11 am – Children's carnival procession from the Konstablerwache to the Römerberg Frankfurt

<02.03.2019 – from 11:45 am – Römerberg Frankfurt
The storming of the Roman by the Frankfurt Garden and the foolish Frankfurt Princes. Handover of the city key by the mayoress to the Tollitäten.

02.03.2019 – 14:11 hrs- Wiesbaden children's parade (downtown)

03.03.2019 – 12:21 Uhr – downtown Frankfurt

Großer Frankfurter Fastnachtszug. Approx. 90 clubs and associations with almost 3000 participants are involved. Honorary tribune on the Römerberg. Start: Untermainkai. From 11 o'clock “Before the train“ party at the Römer

03.03.2019 – 11:11 a.m. – Parade of the foolish guards in downtown Mainz

After the parade there will be a celebration from 1:11 p.m. on Ludwigsstraße and Schillerplatz at the "Tanz auf der Lu".

For more information please click HERE

<03.03.2019 – 13:11 Uhr – Big Carnival Sunday procession through Wiesbaden city centre

Start at Alsace Square

03.03.2019 – 14:00 h – Aschaffenburg carnival procession through the inner city

04.03.2019 – 10:00 a.m. – Rosenmontagsumzug der selbstorganisierten Kindereinrichtungen Darmstadts – Carree-Piazza Darmstadt

04.03.2019 – 11:11 a.m. – Mainz Rosenmontagsumzug

The classic in the Rhine-Main area! You will find all information about it HERE

04.03.2019 – 13:31 h – Rosenmontagsumzug in Seligenstadt

This popular parade is again expected to attract over 40,000 visitors from all over the region. You can find more information HERE

05.03.2019 – 14:31 Uhr - Klaa Paris

180. Fastnachtszug in Klaa Paris - Traditional carnival procession in Frankfurt-Heddernheim. You can find the train route of the Fastnachtszug under: https://www.zuggemeinschaft.en/

Carnival parties and parties in Frankfurt

Not only the numerous moves can be celebrated vigorously. In 2019, there will be several parties and celebrations again, at which carnival lovers can really let off steam. Whether typically Kölsch or hearty-Hessian, whether for singles or over 30s, whether for pop fans or for lovers of electro sounds – there is actually the right event for every taste and every age. You can find a selection here.

28.02. + 01. + 02.03.2019 – Thu/Fr 15:11 o'clock, Sa 11:11 + 15:11 o'clock - Gesellschaftshaus im Palmengarten, KINDERFASSENNaCHT

The club adventure playground Riederwald e.V. organizes a big carnival snack for children, with lots of games and live music.

More information can be found HERE

26.02. + 28.02. + 04.03. + 05.03.2019 – 18:11 – ZOOM Club – Frankfurt Alaaf – Kölscher Karneval

Kölscher Tuesday, Wieberfastnacht, Rosenmontag and Fastnacht in best Kölscher tradition at Zoom Club. For more information see HERE

01.03.2019 - 22 o'clock - Batschkapp - Faschingsparty - Narrenkapp

The cult costume ball for young and old turns the Batschkapp into the biggest carnival party of the city. You can expect carnival hits, hits, malls, party classics, charts and many giveaways. You can find more information HERE

02.03.2019 - 21.00 a.m. – Südbahnhof -  30Plus Faschingsspecial Party

DJ Chris Force provides beside one or the other carnival hits also with the best hits of the 80s, 90s and today for the perfect mood.

More information HERE

02.03.2019 - 20.00 o'clock - Blue water - THE SMALLest carnival of the world

The world's smallest carnival is celebrated by DJs on three floors. You can find more information HERE

02.03.2019 – 19:31 hrs – Saalbau Bornheim – Bernemer Käwwern

More information HERE

04.03.2019 – 20:31 Uhr – Saalbau Bornheim – Rosenmontags Party

With Roy Hammer & Die Pralinées

All related info HERE

Rent or buy costumes in Frankfurt and surrounding

Carnival also includes the perfect costume. Whether as a superhero, US president or quite classic as a cowboy, knight, nurse, crocodile or angel - there is no limit to the imagination when it comes to costuming. You can either make the right carnival outfit yourself, buy it or simply borrow it. Where? Where? Here are some addresses for you:


Costumes and Decoration

Zeil 46, 60313 Frankfurt am Main



The Carnival Trouble Frankfurt

Borsigallee 33a, 60388 Frankfurt am Main


Costume rental Bruder

Berliner Str. 49, 64347 Griesheim



Costume Hire Hilge

Rilkestr. 1, 63110 Rodgau, Hainhausen (west)


Costume rental Günther

Frankfurter Str. 6, 63674 Altenstadt


Partner tips for Frankfurt & surroundings

Recommendations from partners and companies from or for the region.