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CiderWeek 2018

All events of the 2nd edition CiderWeek Frankfurt at a Glance

The idea is simple: To show in the run-up to the big CiderWorld cider fair how international the love for cider is and how the cider can be much more than just the guude Stöffche, the CiderWeek will now take place for the second time. The role models are events such as those taking place in New York or Chicago. Here shops and restaurants are involved throughout the city, offering special menus, tastings and events around the delicious droplet. Of course, Frankfurt is still a long way from that. But the step has been taken in the right direction – after all, the number of events on offer has increased from five in the first year to 17 in the second.

It is particularly nice that not only the number of offers has increased significantly, but also the variety of events. You can experience exclusive dinners, be introduced to the world of cider by professionals at tastings or have a great time with your friends while bowling. The aim of the organisers is to significantly expand CiderWeek in the course of the next few years and not to limit the range to cider bars or specialist shops only. Show examples in other countries: Anyone can join in, from the hairdresser who offers his customers a glass of apple secco to the fashion shop, gallery or theatre. We are already looking forward to seeing what the CiderWeek will look like in a few years' time. But already this year a really great program could be arranged, as a look at the events proves:

The Events:

Irish Cider Night

06.04.2018, beginning 19.30

Celebrates the opening of the CiderWeek duly in the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof with live music from Ireland, the host country of the CiderWorld.

You will find all infos about it HERE

Court Tasting

07.04.2018, beginning 11.00 a.m.

On the MARKT IM HOF a special tasting of three exquisite cider wines will be offered at the start of the CiderWeek.

You will find the infos HERE

CiderWeek Tours

07.04.2018, start 11.00 a.m. + 10.04.2018, start 18.30 p.m.

With Christian Setzepfand and the Frankfurt city events explore the apple wine district in Sachsenhausen. This special offer will be available twice during CiderWeek 2018!

More info about this can be found HERE

Piton bowling

From 07. – 13.04.2018

During the CiderWeek Andreas Kimmel and his team from Homburger Hof offer cheerful pit pit pit bowling with the appropriate catering.

All you need to know for this, you can find out HERE

Cider evening with Jörg Stier

08.04.2018, beginning 18.30 o'clock

In der Gerbermühle, Kultkelterer Jörg Stier invites you to a special apple wine evening with an exclusive five-course menu.

You can find the most important information about this HERE

Frank Winkler's large sample

08.04.2018, start 19.00

In the Lorsbacher Thal in Sachsenhausen you can go with Frank Winkler on a culinary journey through the Hessian kitchen with the matching apple wines.

You will find all infos about it HERE

Express Lunch at CiderWeek

From 09. – 13.04.2018, each 12.00 – 14.00

An exclusive offer for the CiderWeek there is Caféhaus Siesmayer. Here the “Cider Lunch“ is offered at lunchtime. Cider lovers should make a note of this for their lunch break.

More info about this can be found HERE

Classic Cider Nights

09. – 11.04.2018, each from 17.00 o'clock

Ireland is this year's guest country of the CiderWorld fair. Of course, an event in the Irish Pub should not be missing at the CiderWeek.

What awaits you in the pub in Bornheim, you can find out HERE

I recognize cider blind

10.04.2018, Start 19.30 o'clock

The blind tasting in the Buchscheer has attracted so many apple wine lovers that this event is unfortunately already completely booked out.

Cider and Tapas

11.04.2018, beginning 18.30 o'clock

Dinner tapas plates accompanied by a Hessian apple wine, an Asturian and a Basque sidra and flamenco music – this is pure pleasure!

More info about this can be found HERE

360° BBQ World Cider

11.04.2018, start 19.00

BBQ and cider – how does it fit together? This is what you will learn at this special gril event during the CiderWeek.

All infos are HERE

The wide world of cider

11.04.2018, start 19.30

Frank Winkler offers apple wines from all over the world in his traditional restaurant Lorsbacher Thal. Very special wines from eight countries will be tasted at this event.

More info about the tasting can be found HERE


12.04.2018, beginning 18.00

In the cider shop of Jens Becker cider wines from Hessen will be presented that evening, accompanied by lids with Frankfurt delicacies.

More info about this can be found HERE

Craft Cider meets Craft Beer

12.04.2018, start 19.30

It is precisely such events that make Cider Week so appealing: In naïv an exciting tasting awaits you this evening: Craft Cider meets Craft Beer.

More info about this can be found HERE

Perlende Ciders

13.04.2018, beginning 19.30

Breton Cellar and Michael Rühl from Apfelweinkontor invite you to taste the finest cider from Brittany as well as delicious sparkling wines.

More info about this can be found HERE

CiderWorld - Frankfurt Cider Fair


The highlight is, of course, the big day at the Palmengarten social center. At 11 a.m., the gates open for the trade public, and interested end customers can taste cider from all over the world from 1 p.m. onwards.

You will find all important information about the fair HERE

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