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Frankfurt for smart spenders

The best coupon books for Frankfurt

The Rhine-Main area - and especially Frankfurt - is a quite expensive place. You like to save wherever you can. This is probably one of the reasons why coupon books are particularly popular. Meanwhile there is here for the region a really various selection, which makes it for the buyers possible to select the correct coupon book for the own needs rauszusuch.

We looked at ourselves for you times five of these coupon books for Frankfurt and the Rhine Main area.



The booklet is in a box which also contains a key card. If this is activated, the individual vouchers can be used in conjunction with the map in the respective partner locations. These will be presented on the back of the corresponding vouchers with short texts and important information.

The voucher book costs 34,90 €, the vouchers are valid from 01.01. to 31.12.2020.

More information can be found at: https://shop.thefoodguide.en/product/tastes-of-frankfurt-2020/

1 RhineMain4Family

The RheinMain4Family coupon book is primarily intended for families with children. The book offers numerous tips around the topics leisure, culture, sport, shopping and catering from the entire Rhine Main area. The focus is on Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt. In addition to tips with helpful information on opening hours, prices and offers, the book naturally offers numerous coupons. A total of 135 vouchers with a total value of 1,700 € are included, from 2 for 1 offer to discounts to free entry for one child.

The book costs 19.80 €. The current issue is valid from 01.01. to 31.12.2020.

You will find more information under. 

A detailed review of the book can be found HERE

2 Tastes of Frankfurt 2020

In comparison to other voucher books, Tastes of Frankfurt seems at first glance to offer a somewhat meager selection. But as you flick through the booklet, it quickly becomes clear that class is really important here instead of mass. In 25 locations, the vouchers can save a total of over 350 €. There are really attractive 2-for-1 offers like a 3-course menu at Aureus, a main course at Ojo de Augua or a burger at Bullys Burger. Besides there is also still another discount on the very worthwhile TASE TOURS through Frankfurt. The good thing about this issue is that while many other coupon books leave many vouchers unused due to time constraints, it is quite possible to take advantage of all the offers over the course of a year and discover some real culinary highlights in Frankfurt.

3 Lups Frankfurt 2020

Luups Frankfurt offers its buyers vouchers for food, drink, leisure and culture. The focus is on one thing: to discover Frankfurt and to rekindle or expand the love of the city. And of course, that's best done in pairs. Therefore, the vouchers are primarily designed for use by two people. For example, the participating restaurants offer a second main course free of charge or a second admission ticket free of charge at cultural institutions. Altogether you can save up to 500 Euro with this book.

The nice thing about this book is that it not only offers the usual, well-known offers, but also offers numerous secret tips. The respective locations are presented with an informative short text, helpful information about directions, opening times and contact possibilities, as well as small pictures. The offer is very versatile, so there is something for every taste.

What makes the book special is that the makers also offer young artists a platform. Thus, every second page of the latest edition contains a work by a creative artist, whether photo, collage, illustration or painting. Thus not only the versatility of Frankfurt, but also its very creative side is worked out beautifully and worth seeing

The Luups voucher book is a really successful way to enjoy Frankfurt as a couple and also to get to know some new sides of the city. Try it yourself.

The book costs 22,90 €. The current issue is valid until 31.01.2021.

All further information can be found under:

4 B-My Frankfurt 2020 - My ingenious coupon book

The B-My Frankfurt is the most expensive coupon book presented here. But the price is also absolutely justified for the offers that the voucher book offers. For all those who like to go out often, whether to eat, to the theatre, to the cinema or in wellness oases, the book is really worthwhile. For numerous partner locations there are even several offers, sometimes for individuals, sometimes attractive 2-for-1 offers. And you can save a lot of money with them, for example when visiting ENGLISH THEATRE or playing an ice hockey game with the lions. But also when visiting a pub, burger, sushi or Mrs. Rauscher - everywhere there are really lucrative offers.

What makes the voucher book so special is not only the enormous amount of offers, but above all their versatility. Especially with the gastronomic offers there are enough suitable offers for every taste and also for every purse, so that the purchase of the book is worthwhile. Great importance was also attached to versatility in the leisure activities. So you can save money on a visit to a wellness oasis as well as on a nostalgic trip to a drive-in cinema.

The respective partner locations are presented with pictures and clearly presented information. The information about the location is presented in keywords. If you want more detailed information, you have to visit the given homepage. All in all, the book has a very nice and appealing design and is geared towards various everyday situations. Who would like to convince itself of the fact whether the acquisition is worthwhile itself, can on the homepage of the B-My Frankfurt on-line in the coupon book leaf through.

The book costs 49.90 €. The current issue is valid from 31.12.2020.

You will find more information under:

4 Voucher Book Frankfurt & Surroundings 2018/2019

This voucher book offers over 400 vouchers for restaurants, shopping, wellness, culture and leisure. The offer is valid for two years, which makes the purchase price of almost 20 € very attractive. The focus is on Frankfurt, but also some locations from the surrounding area are there with their offers. Since you can save more than 30 € in some locations at the 2 for 1 offers and there are even cheaper 4 for 2 offers, the costs for the book are quickly recouped.

Since most offers in the area of food & drink can be found, this book is especially worthwhile for people who like to go out in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. But the price-performance ratio is unbeatable overall, which is why there is also a clear recommendation for the other areas: Browse through the book (is possible online) and you will certainly find enough offers that makes the purchase of this voucher book worthwhile for you.

The book costs 19,95 €. The current issue is valid until 31.12.2019.

More info under: http://www.gutscheinbuch.en/


The Schlemmerblock looks like a great thing first of all. Numerous 2-for-1 vouchers are included in the small booklet. Among them there are some really attractive offers, with which you can also save money. However, the presentation is a little confusing, which is perhaps also due to the mini format of the booklet. In many cases, the information about the places where the book can be used is limited only to the address and contact details.

The Schlemmerblock is therefore a combination of book and online offer. If the book is only conditionally appealing, only in this combination can its strengths be fully revealed. The offers are not only limited to gastronomy, but also include numerous leisure activities. From escape rooms and LaserTag to theatre visits to swimming pools, spas or salt caves - there are indeed many attractive savings offers.

However, this also applies here: these are only worthwhile if you are travelling in pairs. For singles this book is unfortunately not to be recommended  - at most in order to make contacts, according to the motto "I have there a 2-für-1 coupon - do you want to come along?".

The book costs 34,90 €. The current issue is valid until 01.12.2020.

Further information can be found under:


There are really some great offers on these coupon books. If you do it cleverly, you can really save a lot of money on leisure activities or going out. But we still have an important tip for you: Please read the rules for redeeming vouchers carefully beforehand. For example, if you only show up with the voucher but without a book, if you want to redeem a 2-for-1 voucher alone or if you say too late that you want to use the voucher book for payment, it can happen that this is not accepted. Therefore, if you find out which vouchers you really need and how to redeem them, you can save a lot of money with these coupon books – and also get to know many exciting and beautiful locations that may have remained hidden from you until now.

In this sense: Have fun saving!

Partner tips for Frankfurt & surroundings

Recommendations from partners and companies from or for the region.