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DANCE INTO MAY in Frankfurt

The best parties in town

In times of Corona you are not allowed to dance into May in big groups, of course. This year everything is a little different. We want to tell you how you can still follow this beautiful tradition. But first, let's take a look at where the custom actually comes from:

The night from April 30 to May 01 is Walpurgis Night. Originally, this was a pagan spring festival. By all sorts of measures, such as abundant noise, roar of pipes, drums and shooting the evil spirits of darkness should be driven away. It was later reinterpreted by Christianity as a night of witches and druids led by the devil.

The name Walpurgisnacht derives from Walburga (also Walpurga or Walpurgis), an abbess from England (710-779). This saint's memorial day was celebrated on May 1 in the Middle Ages. She was the patroness of maids and peasant women. She was also considered the protector of the magic arts, who was supposed to fight the sinister actions of witches and fiends.

The Walpurgis celebration on the Brocken in the Harz mountains is famous. The first organized celebration took place already in 1896. From 1899, the celebrants could then even go up with the Brockenbahn. In recent years, the Walpurgis celebration on the Brocken has developed into a mass event with folk festival character and tens of thousands of visitors from all over Germany. The mixture of customs, magic and eroticism is apparently fascinating for many.

The Dance into May is the modern form of the old custom of celebrating the beginning of May (1. May) on Walpurgis Night (April 30) with dancing and singing.

And how is dancing into May in 2020? - Most definitely: virtually!

Dance into May - Dance Music Live Stream

21:00 04/30/2020

Now more than ever! The team of "die tanzschule C. Weber" brings dance music to your living room. DJane JC Garcia & DJane Biene will play you live with numerous dance music. Make yourself room and dance merrily into May.

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Dance into May MEGA Zumba® Livestream

18:00 04/30/2020

Dancing into May virtually with Zumba!!! This is made possible for you by the Salsa Dance Studio Mainz -

On Thursday, 4/30, a virtual MEGA Zumba® stream will start at 6:00 pm! Everyone is invited to just dance along, don't think, and just have fun!


on 4/30.20 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm


6:00pm - 7:30pm Zumba Fitness® + Toning

19:30 - 8:00 p.m. STRONG™ Nation

20:00 - 21:00 Zumba® Fitness

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The "in the May" live stream

20:00 30.04.2020

DAS RIND in Rüsselsheim brings the cult party as a livestream to you - so the spring is simply danced at home!

The team provides the musical framework for your own "In den Mai Fete". It starts at 20 clock - Open End.


20:00-22.00 pm : Matthias Metz with an All Genre Sundowner Set

22:00 - Open End : Discommunity (Markus Haase & Dominik Schiek) with finest House

Find the stream from 8pm on the following Facebook pages:

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Dis-Tanz in den Mai from Heaven Wiesbaden

20:30 30.04.2020

The DANCE INTO MAY will be different this year, but still awesome!

Tune into the LIVESTREAM from the dressed up HEAVEN and dance at your place - on the couch, on the table . naked or clothed - the main thing is with a smile on your face!

BIGWAVE-WIPPI & TSUNAMI-JESSEN play 5ts-8ts, Ska, Northern Soul, Surf, Beat, Pyscho/Rockabilly, Garage & Punkrock, a colorful bunch of subculture music and more. According to the motto: Everything can - nothing must.

Go here for the LIVESTREAM:

Load the free app, then you can even make music requests. Be in the middle of it instead of just there!

And of course, you can support the HEAVEN: Either with a donation:

Or with the purchase of a gift card:

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Dance into May in a different way- naïv goes Virtual!

19:30 30.04.2020

To DANCE INTO MAY, the naïv offers a virtual beer enjoyment happening: the "Craft Beer meets Cheese" Tasting to your living room.

Together, via Facebook & Instagram Live, six select craft beers and five cheeses will be sampled. The Live Tasting itself is free for all participants and does not require registration, only the beers to be tasted & the cheeses must be purchased.

How does it work?

Option 1 (Craft Beer & Cheese for Self Pickup at naïv Pizzeria): You pick up your Craft Beer & Cheese package on-site at naiv Pizzeria. 29€

Option 2 (Craft Beer without cheese for self-pickup at naïv Pizzeria): You pick up your Craft Beer at the Pizzeria, 20€

Order your package at

During the tasting, various acquaintances from the brewing scene will also drop by.

Good beats come from the naïv house & yard DJ and bottle shop sales consultant Jefferson Celestino!

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We Love Frankfurt - Stream In Den Mai

19:00 30.04.2020

The team of STAGE PRO VERANSTALTUNGSTECHNIK FRANKFURT sends you under the motto STREAM INTO THE MAY from the in-house streaming studio an online session with the festival sound of the unique WE LOVE FRANKFURT STAGE into your living rooms. So: away with the gloom, push the furniture aside and treat yourself to a neat May dance and #DanceAtHome.


Facebook Online Event

April 30.2020 / 7-1pm


Nico Willius

Markus Bela

Sven Jordan


Tim Gray

Leo Yamane

Alex Ackermann

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DANCING into MAY 2020 with JamminCool

20:00 30.04.2020

JamminCool - DIE Partyband aus Mainz invites you to a DANCE INTO MAY concert via live stream

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Dance into May Livestream with DJ Big D.

20:00 30.04.2020

From 8pm DJ Big D presents. THE party for May Day via livestream from his living room directly to your mobile phone or laptop! Besides Schlagerperlen and the best from the 90s (spiced with some 80s classics) there are also fun games via phone

Simply click on the link, and be there for free:

TIP: Download the free Twitch.TV smartphone app, from the Apple or Playstore, then you can even join DJ Big D's chat room. Comment and make music requests!

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21:00 30.04.2020

Under the motto "Hochheim keeps its distance", a #DisTanzindenMai show comes to your home from THOMAS MORE! Steven McGowan Music and DJ BassKuhs are teaming up to stream on April 30 starting at 9pm. Found on youTube at:

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17:00 30.04.2020

The Bündnis Akzeptanz und Vielfalt Frankfurt invites you to the Tanz in den Mai-Soliparty. This year the Dj*anes heat you up until your living room walls shake.


from the Treehouse
- Nayton Decks - Treehouse Crew (Electronic Dance Music) &. Special Guest - 5pm

from Secktacular
- She's in Partys - Stadtteilinitiative Koblenzer Straße (House) - 8pm.3pm
- ImJuni - Stadtteilinitiative Koblenzer Straße (House) - 9.45pm
- byeo:l - Stadtteilinitiative Koblenzer Straße (Electro/Techno) - 11.15pm

You can find the party on the YouTube Channel at:

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