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Gin from Frankfurt and the region - Top tips

It doesn't always have to be Ebbelwoi, does it? The flourishing love of gin is also celebrated in many places in Frankfurt. Although gin has been produced for over 200 years, it has become an absolute trend spirit in recent years. On the German market alone there are around 300 different types of gin. Some of them also come from Frankfurt and the region around the Main metropolis. We present you here some particularly good Hessian drops, after whose pleasure also you will say: "Now life makes again a Gin"!

The Legacy Bar

In the Legacy Bar at Wiesenhüttenplatz you can enjoy the best long drinks, classic cocktails and mixologist creations as well as very good bar food from the legacy kitchen in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. 

Besides the cool smokey cocktails, which are typical for the Legacy Bar (the preparation is a spectacle!), the L-Gin, the Legacy Bar's own gin brand, is a real highlight! With its blend of soft juniper, fruity orange, spicy coffee bean and Asian Szechuan pepper as well as tonka bean, coriander seed, angelica root and a hint of cinnamon, a true taste experience.

Address: Wiesenhüttenplatz 28-38, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

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Gin Seven

A gin inspired by the recipe of the "Grie Soß" - the heart of every Frankfurt gin lover beats faster. But not only does the concept sound promising, the Gin Sieben also tastes really good. Because the combination of the specific seven herbs give it a very  individual character, with an absolutely unique taste picture. In lengthy development work it was possible to transfer the essences of the seven herbs to the alcohol by means of maceration. The result: A real Dry Gin Frankfurt style!

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Bembel Gin

The two Hessian founders Jorin Karner and Andy Sanders had a vision: A gin with a refreshing apple taste. They have implemented this vision perfectly. At first glance, the heavy clay bottle and its design are reminiscent of the most famous vessel in Hesse - the Bembel. The apple gin contained in the drink clearly focuses on the apple flavour, while citrus peel, lime, lavender and a light juniper flavour round off the drink. Simply delicious!

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Ursel - Premium Taunus-Gin

The Taunus offers not only beautiful landscapes, many picturesque places and numerous sights. From its untouched nature comes also an incomparable Premium Dry Gin. Pure organic alcohol combined with exquisite regional botanicals such as young spruce shoots ensure a unique taste experience for the three Ursel Gin varieties. It is distilled in a small factory in Oberursel and each bottle is carefully bottled by hand. This is quality you can taste!

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Hannibal Gin

The "Hannibal-Gin" from Pfungstadt is a real family product. From  first  approach  to  ready  distillate  in  the  stylish  labelled  bottle  comes  everything  from Max Freitag and his family team. The Gin  is powerful and Mediterranean.  Rosemary, jasmine blossoms, cinnamon, cloves and cumin, which is mainly used in Arabic cuisine, are carefully combined to create a special taste experience with a high recognition value.

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Irving Gin

Even from the Taunus region, Irving Gin is handmade from regional products such as rowan, blackberry and grape. The result is an elegant London Dry Gin. The 5-fold distilled grain brandy, which is specially produced for the gin, serves as the basis for the 16 botanicals and is one of the secrets of its unmistakable character. The passion the team puts into this gin is reflected in its excellent taste.

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