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Frankfurt in the Movie

One location tour

Frankfurt always serves as a backdrop for television and cinema films. Whether „Tatort“, „Schattenmann“ or „What a Man“ - the skyline alone, but also the Roman, the Iron Bridge and many other striking places in our beautiful city have attracted more and more filmmakers to Frankfurt in recent years. As a Frankfurt-based filmmaker, it is often very amusing to see what freedom the filmmakers take. If suddenly the side entrance of the Alte Oper becomes a department store entrance (“Everything is Love“) or the back exit of a cinema that unfortunately no longer exists becomes the emergency exit of a fictitious club on Schillerstraße („The Shadowman“), then one cannot escape an amused grin as a local expert.

We would like to introduce you to some well known, but also less known locations.

Part 1: The VAU

Losely it goes on the Mainzer Landstraße. This is the VAU office building. The LICHTER Filmfestival had its festival centre in the empty building for two editions. But also some filmmakers have already used the architecture of the modern office building in their works. For example, the documentary film MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE from 2013 was staged at VAU. The abandoned house with a direct view of the banking district was the perfect illustration of the banking crisis the film was about.

A completely different use had the house in the comedy DER SCHLUSSMACHER by Matthias Schweighöfer. Here the offices were transformed into a luxurious hotel with a skyline view. The VAU went through probably the most unusual transformation for the trash comedy IRON SKY. In the representative rotunda the US president, not unlike Sarah Palin, planned her blow against the Nazis coming from the moon. For this film, other places in Frankfurt turned into New York – but we come to that another time.

Only in the summer of 2016 was the VAU shot again. This time the building provided the backdrop for scenes from the romantic comedy AUF DER ANDEREN SEITE IST THE GRAS VIEL GRÜNER with Jessica Schwarz and Christoph Letkowski, which is scheduled for release in 2017. All these are examples of how completely different and versatile a location can be used for different films.

Das war nur einer von zahlreichen Drehorten in Frankfurt.

Doch wie im Film und Fernsehen so oft, heißt es auch bei uns: FORTSETZUNG FOLGT…

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