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Frankfurt's districts: Ostend

Mother's Day

On May 12, 2019 is Mother's Day! Then the breakfast table for mum is lovingly set again, beautiful pictures are painted, bouquets of flowers and chocolates are bought. And certainly a certain Heintje will also smash his immortal “mama“ in some households. In this special we want to give you a few tips on what you can do in Frankfurt on Mother's Day. We would also like to highlight the origins of Mother's Day.

Population: approx. 28.000

The Ostend extends from the Anlagenring along the Hanauer Landstrasse to Fechenheim.

The area of the Ostend near the city centre between Hanauer Landstrasse and Sonnemannstrasse is still heavily interspersed with craft and small trade businesses.

> Hanauer Landstraße, the centre of the former industrial and working class district, has developed in recent years from an arterial road with a street line into the trendy main artery of the east of Frankfurt.

In addition to car dealerships, DIY stores, furniture stores, factory outlets, advertising agencies, telephone companies and companies of the New Economy, in-locations of Frankfurt nightlife have opened their doors here.

scene goers have long since discovered the hip quarter with King Kamehameha, APT, Adlib and Co. </Furniture design shops, creative advertising agencies, IT companies and film makers have moved into the coveted lofts of the former production halls. </p>

Example the complex of apartments, lofts, offices, shops and restaurants on the site of the Alte Brauerei.

One highlight is the internationally renowned Frankfurt Zoo.

Art and culture are also provided for: the listed tower of the former Mouson company was converted into the Mousonturm cultural centre in 1987. </In the Romanfabrik, thinkers, writers and small artists come together, at the Akademie für Kommunikation und Design the virtual world has long since become reality, and in the Dialogue Museum blind people guide the public through lightless spaces of experience. </p>

The Naxoshalle, located in a former factory, and the International Ensemble Modern Academy. </The traditional Dr. Hoch's Conservatory - Academy of Music moved into its new building in Sonnemannstraße in 2005. </p>

The quarter is also becoming increasingly attractive in other areas.

2002 Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has established itself as one of the leading German private universities in Ostend and in spring 2005 the Ostend Training Centre, which houses several schools, opened directly next to the Bankakademie.

The redesign of Frankfurt's Ostend and Osthafen have long been underway. A new quarter with chic apartments and a view of the Main River has already been created. </Celebrated as a "giant municipal project", the Osthafen, which opened on 23 May 1912, served both shipping traffic and industrial settlement. </p>

The Osthafen covered an area as large as the Frankfurt city area north of the Main River, which had been developed until the turn of the century.

Today, the Osthafen acts as a "trimodal logistics hub" linking the shipping, rail and road transport modes.


The modern bridge structure with a freely spanning span of 175 m has been serving as a direct district connection between Ostend and Sachsenhausen since the end of 2013, together with the Honsell Bridge and the associated foreshore bridge.

The bridge was built in the summer of 2012, when thousands of people followed how the bridge, which was assembled on land, was moved to its current position with the help of floating pontoons.


The new harbour park >/strong>

On the southern Honsell triangle between Deutschherrn- and Honsellbrücke, a 40,000 sqm large movement park was created, a generous green experience area with sports and leisure facilities. The highlight is a skater facility that is unique in Germany.

European Central Bank

On the site of the former Grossmarkthalle, the European Central Bank (ECB) found its new domicile. </At the beginning of the 20th century, when the Ostend was still a workers' quarter, the workers in Frankfurt's first public park went to political rallies. </p>

Around the 4.2-hectare Ostparkweiher there are alluvial landscapes with reed grass, pastures and an impressive variety of animals. </In addition to extensive lawns with old trees, there is an educational garden with bamboo, kitchen and medicinal herbs, a circular path with wooden bridges and arcades and a maze. </Opposite the Ostpark on the "Festplatz am Ratsweg", the Dippemess, the traditional Frankfurt folk festival, which dates back to the 14th century, is held in spring and autumn. Its origins go back to the 14th century, attracting visitors from near and far to [CDATA[RTE

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The THEATER ALTE BRÜCKE doesn't want to remain inactive during the play-free time. The small theatre in the Brückenviertel is currently being converted into a "streaming studio", from which live theatre, improv and much more will be streamed on weekends. A really great action, which you should definitely support:


The hr symphony orchestra had to cancel planned performances even before the temporary closure of the concert halls. However, in addition to a concert that was played without an audience and broadcast live on the Internet, the orchestra also offers a large selection of concert videos on its homepage that can be enjoyed over and over again:

Also the Bavarian State Opera has a video-on-demand offer worth seeing. Since current recordings have been cancelled, older recordings are available here free of charge:

Anyone willing to invest a little money can enjoy the rich on-demand offer of the Metropolitan Opera New York with top-class productions. The offer can be booked worldwide:


The cinemas in Frankfurt are still open (as of 15.03.2020) - but usually with some restrictions. For example, only about half of the available seats are offered and hygiene standards are even more stringent. However, since it can be assumed that, as in other cities, cinemas in Frankfurt will soon be closed, more home cinema will be announced in the coming weeks. If you have a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ (from 24.03.) and Co, you will be offered a wealth of films and series that allow you to enjoy a relaxed escape from reality, which you really need from time to time, especially in these times.

You will find some especially worthwhile streaming tips (soon) HERE



Yes, just reading a good book again can be really nice. Of course you can also stroll through Frankfurt in many different ways, whether in non-fiction or novels - and without any risk of infection! Some current Frankfurt books that we would like to recommend to you can be found HERE

further Frankfurt book tips you can discover HERE. </Those who like to attend readings can also be helped. At you will find a large selection of recordings of live-readings, with which you can shorten the waiting time for the end of the reading-free time:

In addition, some authors also offer online readings via their social media accounts.

As in all areas, the same applies to the purchase of books: SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DEALER! If possible, buy in small bookshops - either directly on site or online. Most bookstores now offer a delivery service and need your support more urgently than large mail order companies!

Partner tips for Frankfurt & surroundings

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