Dein Event-Kalender für Frankfurt und Rhein-Main
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The best day of your life shall be the wedding! We have collected many tips for all those who are still dreaming of the proposal and for those who are already in the middle of the wedding preparations. Are you from Frankfurt or the Rhine-Main area? Then you should take a close look at our tips for the wedding. Maybe we have just the right suggestions to make your day perfect.


Romantic Comedies for Tuning In

When chaos reigns shortly before the big day, when a stupid witness to a marriage steps in every fat cell, or when long secret feelings are revealed to the bridegroom or the bride shortly before the wedding ceremony, then fortunately this rarely corresponds to reality, but is rather the stuff Hollywood weddings are made of. Wedding films are the perfect way to get into the mood for the big day - not only because they are usually very romantic, but also because they leave behind the realization that even if something goes wrong, it will certainly not be as bad as in the film!

You can find the most beautiful wedding movies HERE

Buy wedding dress in Frankfurt: bridal shops

There's hardly anything that makes a woman's heart jump like a flowing, dreamlike wedding dress. In Frankfurt and the region you can get lost in tulle and tears in many shops. Together with the maid of honor, her best friends, mum and aunt and with a little champagne to toast her, she of course shops a little nicer. The choice is limitless: whether classic A-line, Fit `N Flare. Princess, vintage, mermaid style, with or without train, plain or with elaborate embroidery or pearl applications: Allowed is what the bride likes and stands for!  Also man does on his wedding day what he can to please his wife in spe.

Great bridal fashion shops in Frankfurt and surroundings you can find for example HERE.

Engagement rings and wedding rings buy in Frankfurt and surrounding area

You are looking for your partner, the one very special ring that seals your love? Or together very special rings that bind you forever? In Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area you have a large selection of jewellers and goldsmiths.

You can find especially nice rings at these addresses

Juhu, JGA: Bachelor / Bachelor farewell in Frankfurt

Before the safe harbor of marriage is headed for, classic means first again: Cast off and plunge into adventure, with witnesses and the best buddies.

Where you can celebrate this day in Frankfurt for example, you can find out HERE.


For the planning and organization of your wedding you either lack the hand or simply the time? Fortunately there are professionals who can support you with a lot of experience and passion. In and around Frankfurt there are some wedding planners and event agencies who love to step in - and certainly at the right moment pull out the pack of tempo handkerchiefs for the drinks of joy.

Learn to dance for the big show

1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3 … So that you don't stumble over each other's feet during your wedding waltz, a dance course is the perfect preparation.

You can find out where to find good dance studios in Frankfurt here.

SAVE THE DATE: Invitation Cards, Place Cards etc.][CDATA[SAVE THE DATE: Invitation Cards, Place Cards etc.].

A nice invitation card, a personal place card for your guests or a menu that whets the appetite. All these little things show your guests with how much love you have planned the wedding. Even if you are not a craft queen or king yourself: There are many service providers who can print your individual style on cardboard.


Bridal hairstyle and make-up in and around Frankfurt

Up, curly, smoothed or elaborately braided: Such a bridal hairstyle is an art in itself. After all, you want your hair accessories to stay in shape from morning till late into the night - and even the right make-up from a professional will ensure that the bride shines all day long.

A selection of cosmetic studios in Frankfurt you will find HERE

Wedding locations in and around Frankfurt

If you ask freshly engaged couples what the wedding preparations are doing, there is usually a particularly critical point: the selection of a suitable wedding location. In Frankfurt and the entire Rhine-Main area, the choice is gigantic, but unfortunately so is the demand. For this reason you should go here fix on the search.

Here you can catch the most beautiful bridal bouquet: Florists in Frankfurt

It is THE most coveted utensil for the unmarried female wedding guests: the bridal bouquet. In Frankfurt and the surrounding area there are talented florists who will tie you a dream bridal bouquet according to your wishes. The rest of the flower decoration can also be adjusted accordingly.

HERE you will find the matching addresses!

Pictures for Eternity: Wedding Photographers in Frankfurt and the Region

Whoever hires a professional wedding photographer has one less worry on the wedding day. The photographer will receive the memories of the celebration for you and your guests for eternity. These are exactly the pictures that you may later show to your children or grandchildren. The most beautiful day of the life: The photographer holds this special snapshot of your love firmly.

Tip: Listen you in your circle of acquaintances around - with security there are here already many wedding photographers, who have to offer great work samples. On the websites and / or social media channels of the photographers you will find pictures for viewing. Think about which style appeals most to you and get in touch.

Frankfurt offers many beautiful locations for the perfect romantic pair shootings. In our special we present some of them in more detail. Click HERE!

Free Wedding Dealers in and around Frankfurt

If a couple doesn't want to get married in church - but still doesn't want to do without an atmospheric ceremony, a free mourners can engage. Our tip: Professional speakers will take time in advance to find out in a personal conversation what is particularly important to you and, like the pastor, ask the right questions in order to get to know you. Maybe you can ask your friends to get in touch with the wedding speaker to discuss little surprises for you. Maybe someone among your guests is very special musical or would like to enrich your wedding ceremony with a few words? There are many people in Frankfurt and the region who could be considered here. It is important that you are on the same wavelength as the wedding speaker and feel comfortable.

Partner tips for Frankfurt & surroundings

Recommendations from partners and companies from or for the region.