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Lantern moves in Frankfurt for Martin's Day

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Photo: ZebraDS, Wikipedia

Soon it's time again, then cheerful crowds of children with often homemade lanterns are wandering through our streets. The reason for this is the feast celebrated on 11 November in honour of Saint Martin of Tours: Martin's Day.

The soldier Martinus saved a beggar from freezing to death by dividing his coat. It is said that after this good deed Christ in a dream. Saint Martin was then baptized and was later consecrated Bishop Martin of Tours. Saint Martin died on 08.11.397. His burial on 11 November was accompanied by a great procession of lights. Even today the name day is celebrated with lantern moves.

This custom is particularly popular in kindergartens and churches. And so again this year before and after the 11.11. many groups with colorfully designed and brightly shining lanterns will walk through the streets and bring the Main metropolis to light.

We have listed a selection of the moves taking place. If you are missing a lantern parade that should be included in the list, just write us at and we will be happy to add this special.

Lantern moves in Frankfurt & surrounding area


On Friday, 10.11.2017, 17 o'clock,

In the Wartburg Church (Hartmann-Ibach-Straße 108) the Protestant Wartburg Church organizes an ecumenical family service. Afterwards there will be a lantern procession, which will be accompanied by the Frankfurt Wind School.  


On Wednesday, 08.11.2017, 17 o'clock,

an ecumenical service is held in the Catholic Sacred Heart Church (Eckenheimer Landstraße 324). The day nurseries Herz-Jesu, Nazarethschlange and the Krabbelstube Nazarethstern invite you to the Sankt Martinsfeier. As every year, the highlight is the parade with horse and rider. This leads to the parking lot of the Sankt Franziskusgemeinde (church place Herz-Jesu). A fire of St. Martin awaits the participants in a fire bowl. Pretzels, juice, mulled wine and lard bread are offered for sale. Musically the festival will be accompanied by a trumpet game and the singing of the songs of St. Martin together.


On Friday, 10th of May.11.2017, 17 o'clock,

In the Evangelische Andreasgemeinde in the Kirchhainer Straße 2 a Martinsspiel is performed. Then the traditional parade with Saint Martin on horseback will take place, accompanied by a trombone choir. After the move, the Kolibri nursery invites you to the Martinsfest. Here you will also find food and drink: sausages and mulled wine are offered for adults, Martinswecken and children's punch are available for children.


On Monday, 13.11.2017, 17 o'clock,

The Martinsumzug of the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Fechenheim starts in the south at the Melanchtonkirche (Pfortenstraße 4) and in the north from the parking lot at the Meerholzer Straße 23. Following the move, hot drinks and wake-up calls will be offered.

Frankfurter Berg

On Monday, 13.11.2017, 18 o'clock,

In front of the kindergarten of the Evangelische Bethanienkirche (Wickenweg 88) the lantern procession starts. Afterwards there will be the Martinsfest with campfire, music from the trombone choir, pastries and hot drinks in front of the new community centre.


On Wednesday, 08.11.2017, 17 o'clock,

The Protestant Church of Thanks, Am Goldsteinpark 1c, organizes a Saint Martin procession with horse and rider. Afterwards the Martinsfeuer is ignited traditionally and with trombone music, a small snack and a hot drink the evening can be finished atmospherically.


On Tuesday, 14.11.2011, 17 o'clock,

In the Evangelische Kita Harheim (Am Wetterhahn 1) there will be a celebration with kindergarten teachers, the kindergarten children and pastor Petra Lehwalder. After the small celebration the lantern procession takes place, which leads the participants to the Protestant day care center (In den Aspen 2). Here there will be a martins fire, brass music, children's punch and wake-up calls.


On Friday, 10th of May.11.2017, 5 p.m.,

invites the Evangelische Kindergemeinde Höchst to the Martinsfeier in the Evangelische Stadtkirche (Leverkuser Straße/corner of Melchiorstraße). Afterwards a lantern parade with horse leads to the Martinsfeuer on the beautiful Höchster Schlossplatz.

City centre

On Wednesday, 08.11.2017, 5 p.m.,

The lantern procession of the Protestant KiTa at Westhafen (Hafenstraße 9) leads along the harbour basin to Cronstettenstift. After the end of the move, the Martinsfeuer and the Martinsspiel will take place on the outside area of the day care centre.

City Centre

On Friday, 10th of May.11.2017, 17:30 hrs,

The Evangelische Sankt Paulsgemeinde, Evangelische Alte Nikolaikirche, Römerberg (inner city), organizes a Martinsspiel of the Kindertagesstätte. Afterwards the lantern parade starts at the old Nikolaikirche.  The crowning finale of the evening is the Martinsfeuer in the courtyard of the parish hall of the Evangelische Sankt Paulsgemeinde in Saalgasse 17. Here we sing together, drink hot punch and eat delicious pastries.

City Centre

On Friday, 10 May 201011,2017, 17 pm,

Comes to joint lantern parade through the Westend. The meeting point is the Matthäuskirche (Friedrich Ebert Anlage 33). After the move the evening ends at the Martinsfeuer with food and drinks.


The cathedral parish of St. Martin's. Bartholomew invites at different church places to the feast of Saint Martin:

Allerheiligen: Friday, 10 November, 17.30 hrs 

St. Antonius: Monday, 13 November November, 17h

St. Bernhard: Friday, 10 November, 17h

German Order: Friday, 10 November, 17 o'clock

At all four church places the celebration starts in the church with a short word service, afterwards you are loaded to the lantern procession with Martinsreiter. The processions end on the church square (or in St. Anthony on the court of KiTa St. Anthony and in All Saints' Day on Alfred Brehm Square at the zoo) with fire and social gatherings. The kindergartens take part in the implementation and design.

St. Ignatius: Friday, 10 November, 17:00

Here the festival starts with a play in the schoolyard of the Engelbert-Humperdinck-Schule (Wolfsgangstraße 106). The following procession with the Martinsreiter ends in the St. Ignatius church with a worship service. The festival ends under the church with fire, Martinswecken and punch.

Dom/Liebfrauen: Friday, 10 November, 17.30 hrs

Here, too, there will initially be a liturgy of words with a performance of the St. Martin play by the Caritas kindergarten St. Leonhard und Liebfrauen in cooperation with the Frankfurt Domsingschule. Then a lantern move will take place.


On Tuesday, 07.11.2017, 17 o'clock,

The Evangelische Gethsemanegemeinde organizes also in this year again a lantern procession. The meeting point is the courtyard of the kindergarten in Weberstraße 47. After the common lantern running a Martinsfeuer with beverages and pretzels waits for the children and adults in the courtyard.


On Friday, 10.11.2017, 17 o'clock,

Kinderhort, Weberstraße 49, Martinszug without police escort, Martinsfeuer with snack and hot drinks.


On Friday, 10 May 201011.2017, 17h

In the church St. Bernhard there is a short worship service. Afterwards the Martinszug follows through the neighbourhood with wind instruments, torches and lanterns, as well as the Martins fire on the Kirchplatz. Finally there will be hot drinks at the kindergarten (Iron Hand 2a)


On Friday, 10.11.2017, 17:15 hrs,

Evangelical Saint Nicolai Community. Starting from Nicolino – Children's House (Röderbergweg 66), there will be a Martin procession, accompanied by a brass choir.


On Friday, 10.11.2017, 17:30 o'clock,

In St. Bonifatius he begins with a devotion with a play including a real horse in front of the church! A trombone choir accompanies the parade. Afterwards there is the opportunity for a relaxed get-together with mulled wine, children's punch and raisin rolls. The Martin processions in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Teutonic Order are celebrated by the respective day-care centres with feasts of St. Martin.

17.30, St. Boniface (in front of the church)
17:00, St. Boniface. Apostles (nursery)
17:00 o'clock Deutschorden (Kita)


Who would like to venture a little beyond the borders of the city can

on Saturday 11.11.2017, starting from 17 o'clock,

the family evening in the Römerkastell Saalburg, Saalburg 1, 61350 bath Homburg before the height, to the heart to be put. Here, against a historical backdrop, there is a performance of the mantle division of historical Martinus. Then there's a lantern procession and a St. Martin's fire. Drinks and a snack can also be purchased here. Adults pay 10 € entrance fee, children and teenagers have free entrance.

ACHTUNG: Registration until 09.11.2017 at 06175/937437 or is necessary.



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