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Soccer World Cup 2018 - Public Viewing in Frankfurt

The best locations for communal WM enjoyment

Photo: ©FFH

Germany dropped out of the WM. And that's already in the preliminary round. That's bitter – but that doesn't mean that the World Cup fun has to be over now in general. Because even without Jogis boys, a football World Cup always radiates a very special atmosphere. Especially when you can cheer, cheer or mourn with other football enthusiasts.

Even without German participation, there is again the possibility of a lively “herd show“ of the Football World Cup at numerous locations in the city. We've picked out a few tips for you and put them together in this special:

ALEX - WM with great view on the skyline

In ALEX on the roof of the Skyline-Plaza, under the motto “We can be world champions “ all matches of the World Cup “ not only those of the German team – will be broadcast live on big TV screens. In addition there are delicious international snacks – from filled baguettes to spicy nachos to varied gourmet burgers – and refreshing homemade lemonades or cocktails. And regardless of the outcome of the football match, there is still something to win. If you order a small draught beer, you will also receive a scratch ticket. Thousands of instant prizes and additional main prizes, such as concert and festival tickets, are on offer.

All further information you can find HERE

Public Viewing in TNT Summer Garden

Centre in the heart of Frankfurt City, in the TNT Thurn `N Taxis Palais, all games of the World Cup will be shown. In the very special atmosphere of the summer garden in the inner courtyard, all games can be watched on a large screen. For refreshment and to toast, there's of course everything the TNT's menu has to offer.

Beside great competitions and beer, which you can draw yourself directly at the table from cooled 10-litre barrels, there's also specially prepared World Cup snack plates. These are available in different versions like the WM-Snackplatte Germany (with Mini Pulled Beef Burger, Franconian Rostbratwürsten, Steakhouse-Pommes for 14,50 incl. VAT)./ person), World Cup snack plate Argentina (with Mini Pulled Beef Burger, beef hip steak from cattle and baked potatoes with sour cream for 18.50 incl. VAT / person) or World Cup snack plate Spain (with Mini Pulled Beef Burger, large shrimp skewers and grilled vegetables for 22.50 incl. VAT / person). It is recommended to reserve in advance to get the best seats

All further information you can find HERE

Soccer World Cup full in Mega Discostadel

In the biggest beer garden of Sachsenhausen all games of the World Cup run live. Therefore it is opened daily from 14 o'clock to 3 o'clock in the night. You can then sweeten your football pleasure with music, drinks, grilled treats and more.

All further information you can find HERE

Fox & Hound - WM Fever in Atmospheric Pub Atmosphere

All games of the World Cup will be broadcasted in the only original British Pub of the city, too – if the weather plays along of course also on the outdoor terrace. Of course, the final on July 15th Germany against England must not be missed. Okay, okay, you're gonna get to dream. In addition to the football broadcasts, there is, of course, the entire range of food and drinks offered by the popular pub. A truly atmospheric atmosphere for a joint football evening (or afternoon).

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Neighbourhood-Public Viewing in Oeder Way

In Nordend the Free Protestant invites to a neighbourly Public Viewing. In the foyer of the community centre, all matches with German participation as well as the semi-finals, the match for third place and the final will be shown on a big screen. For the social get-together, there will also be grilled food and drinks on the sidewalk in front of the centre. If you want to experience the World Cup in a relaxed atmosphere, you've come to the right place.

All further information you can find HERE

CityBeach - Public Viewing with Beach Feeling

Chilling in a deck chair, sand under your feet and a cool drink in your hand – that's the CityBeach on the Konstablerwache parking garage. Also on this great Rooftop-Location the WM games are shown, as long as the weather allows it. Fever in a relaxed beach atmosphere with a view of the skyline – that's what you should definitely experience.  

You can find more information HERE

H`ugo`s - Here every German goal is celebrated

In H`ugo`s all matches of the German team will be transferred to 5 Mega Screens. The guests can be especially happy when Jogi's boys have scored a goal. Not only because it always brings us a bit closer to defending our title, but also because there will be a WM SHOT as a reward. The hopefully not single chances for it there are during the three preliminary round games (see schedule).

Naturally all other WM games will be broadcast in H`ugo`s!

Reserve the best places quickly

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MainStrand - WM am Mainufer

The bar MainStrand is a popular meeting point for Frankfurters and tourists on the banks of the Main River in Sachsenhausen, directly on the stairs of the Iron Bridge, and offers a view of the Main River and the skyline to escape the stress of city life for a few moments. As long as the weather plays along, all World Cup games are broadcast here. In addition, various beers, wines, coffee, soft drinks, cocktails and more can be enjoyed. The menu also includes small dishes such as salads, club sandwiches, handmade cheese with music or focaccias. So if you want to enjoy the World Cup directly on the banks of the Main, you've come to the right place.

You can find more information HERE

Kutscherklause - Public Viewing in family atmosphere

The Kutscherklause is a popular meeting point for fans of Eintracht, especially when a game of the DFB Cup winner is broadcast. Now Eintracht has a break and the World Cup is on the agenda. In a familiar atmosphere, the World Cup games could be enjoyed here with home-style food such as various Schnitzel variations or Frankfurt specialities. Also against the small or big thirst there is exactly the right thing here. Nothing stands in the way of a World Cup experience with real Frankfurt flair.

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WM watch port 2

In the harbour 2 in Offenbach all games with German participation are shown, as well as those, “for which it is worthwhile to hand them over to the Gema“. So that everything can be easily seen in daylight, the whole thing will take place in the hall. Admission to the hall is 90 minutes before kick-off for matches with German participation. Admission is free, but drinks and food are not allowed. You can get it at the galley and the caf&eacute.

You can always find out which games are shown next to those of the German team on the Facebook page of Hafen 2.

WM fever in traditional restaurant

In the traditional restaurant DAUTH-SCHNEIDER all World Cup games are broadcast. In the very special atmosphere of the Sachsenhäuser Apfelwein restaurant you can cheer on your favourite team and enjoy apple wine from the Bembel and various beers as well as Frankfurt specialities such as “Gref Völsings“ beef sausage, Sachsenhäuser sausage plate, green sauce and more. If Jogis Boys play, it's worth making a reservation in advance!

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All matches at a glance - Schedule for the Football World Cup 2018

If you want to see as many games as possible after the end of the German Elf - no matter if you prefer to play alone or with friends at your home or at a Public Viewing  - then one thing is always important: The right planning. For example, the right supplies have to be purchased, the barbecue thrown on or seats reserved in the public viewing location of your choice. So that you can plan your World Cup enjoyment perfectly, you can find here the match schedule for the Football World Cup 2018:

WM group G

England, Belgium, Panama, Tunisia

28.06.2018 20:00, Kaliningrad: England - Belgium

20:00, Saransk: Panama - Tunisia



WM group H

Poland, Colombia, Japan, Senegal

28.06.2018 16:00, Samara: Senegal - Colombia

16:00, Volgograd: Japan - Poland


WM Round of 16

30.06.2018 16:00, Kazan: Winner Group C - Second Group D


20:00 o'clock, Sochi: Winner group A - Second group B


01.07.2018 16:00, Moscow: Winner Group B - Second Group A


20:00 am, Nizhny Novgorod: Winner Group D - Second Group C


02.07.2018 16:00, Samara: Winner Group E - Second Group F


20:00 am, Rostov-on-Don: Winner Group G - Second Group H


03.07.2018 16:00, Saint Petersburg: Winner Group F - Second Group E


20:00, Moscow: Winner Group H - Second Group G


WM quarterfinal

06.07.2018 16:00, Nizhny Novgorod: Winner AF 1 - Winner AF 2


20:00 am, Kazan: Winner AF 6 - Winner AF 5


07.07.2018 16:00, Samara: Winner AF 8 - Winner AF 7


20:00, Sochi: Winner AF 3 - Winner AF 4


WM semi-final

10.07.2018 20:00 h, Saint Petersburg: Winner VF 2 - Winner VF 1


11.07.2018 8:00 p.m., Moscow: Winner VF 4 - Winner VF 3


Play for place 3

14.07.2018 16:00, Saint Petersburg: Loser HF 1 - Loser HF 2


WM finals

15.07.2018 5:00 p.m., Moscow: Winner HF 1 - Winner HF 2 (ZDF) wishes you all a great, peaceful and happy World Cup time with many reasons to celebrate together!!

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