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St. Nicholas poems

St. Nicholas Special Part 2

You good old Santa Claus

The wind rushes in the winter forest

through the cool grey corridor

and everyone hopes - soon

to find St. Nicholas' trail.


Ach, when will he finally come,

this hotly awaited guest?

Children look partly dazed

from tree to tree, from branch to branch.


Hot longing in the eyes,

Questions, what will happen then ?

And some people do mention that,

"I have St. I've seen Santa Claus".


Slowly the day starts to move down,

The winter night, it rises up,

as a quiet murmur again,

stopps the children's religious run.


Da from hazy climates

rises like a night of fog,

a quiet shady structure,

and twilight has awakened.


Child's eyes become bright

the faces are ecstatic,

as Niklaus at the day threshold,

steps into their longing gaze.


Du good old Santa Claus,

du friend of children near and far,

empty your sack today,

we all like you so much


Knecht Ruprecht

by Theodor Storm


From outside, from the forest I come;

I have to tell you, it's christmas!

All over the fir-tops

I saw golden lights flashing,

and above from the gates of heaven

the Christ Child looked out with big eyes.


And as I stroll' through the dark pine,

there's a bright voice calling me:

"Servant Ruprecht", it shouted, "old companion´,

lift your legs and spute yourself fast!

The candles will start to burn,

the sky gate is open,


old and young shall now

from the hunt of life once rest,

and tomorrow I fly down to earth;

because it shall be Christmas again!"


I spoke: "Oh dear Lord Christ,

my journey is almost over;

I should only go to this city,

where there are vain good children."


"Do you have that bag?"

I said: "The little bag that is here;

the apples, nut, and almond kernel

p religious children like to eat."


"Do you have the rod?"

I spoke: "The rod that's here;

but for the children only, the bad ones,

that hits them on the right part!"


Christkindlein spoke: "That's right;

so go with God, my faithful servant!"

From outside, from the woods I come;

I have to tell you, it's very Christmassy!

Now talk as I find it in here!

are they good kids, are they bad kids?


Nice Santa Claus Day
wishes you the Frankfurt Team

All about Nicholas' origins and customs you can find HERE

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