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The best ice cream parlours in Frankfurt - Top tips

It's summer! The heat's got the city under control! What could be nicer than taking a little break in one of the city's numerous ice cream shops and cooling off with a delicious ice-cream sundae? In this special we present you some of our favourite ice cream cafes in Frankfurt, where you can not only order the classics like spaghetti ice cream, but where you can also find really fancy ice cream creations on the menu.


Bizziice has quickly built up a loyal fan base with varieties such as Green Smoothie, Semolina Caramel, Blackberry Yoghurt or Blueberry Cream, made from fresh organic ingredients. The branches in Sachsenhausen and Nordend repeatedly attract visitors from other parts of the city. If you ever try it - the way is really worth it! 

Addresses: Koselstraße 42,60318 Frankfurt am Main

Wallstraße 26,60594 Frankfurt am Main

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Das Eis

100% organic, gluten- and lactose-free and vegan ice cream can be found in this small ice cream parlour in downtown Frankfurt, near the Kleinmarkthalle. In addition to classics such as chocolate and vanilla, there are also very creative variations on offer. Some of the delicious varieties are now also available in selected organic shops. 

Address: Hasengasse 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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Eis Christina

For many Frankfurters one thing is certain: At the „Eis Christina“ there is the best ice in town. And so, especially when the weather is nice, very long queues form here, which often make drivers desperate. For more than 40 years, Eis Café has been a real institution in Frankfurt's Nordend district, delighting with classics as well as with very special varieties such as the green sauce Eis 

Adresse: Eckenheimer Landstraße 78, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

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Marie - Fine Ice & Coffee

Here artificial flavors and preservatives are banned. The good, fresh ingredients can be tasted in classics as well as in more unusual varieties that are always on offer here, such as cider ice cream, lime basil, coconut pineapple or quark sesame caramel. Simply delicious! 

Address: Saalburgstraße 38, 60385 Frankfurt

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Rosa Canina

Vanilla Pumpkin Seed Ice Cream, New York Cheescake Ice Cream, Black Sesame - these and other varieties make the handmade organic ice cream from Rosa Canina a real secret tip. But also the classics taste really delicious here. Especially refreshing on hot days: yoghurt orange or raspberry basil! 

Address: Spohrstraße 41, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

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Since 2013, the family-run café at the Berger has been delighting visitors with its many delicious ice cream, cake and muffin creations. Here, too, great importance is attached to the fact that preservatives are completely dispensed with and that the range of gluten- and lactose-free delicacies is constantly being expanded. 

Address: Berger Straße 36, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

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The ice cream manufactory convinces with original, changing varieties. You can taste that this homemade organic ice cream is made with a lot of love and good ingredients such as poppy seeds, cinnamon, basil or cream cheese. Since there is always something new to “taste“ here, you quickly become a regular guest. 

Address: Luisenstraße 19, 60316 Frankfurt

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Eis Fontanella

The best ice in the station district? Clearly, that's what EIS FONTANELLA has to offer. Since 1957, the family business has stood for the best enjoyment of ice cream. The fruit cup or the Coppa Siciliana are particularly refreshing on hot summer days. And “on the hand“ there are delicious, homemade varieties such as cream cherry, mango or cookies. Simply delicious! 

Address: Kaiserstraße 33, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

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Eiscafé Riviera

In Schwanheim the ice from the Eiscafé Riviera regularly causes storms of enthusiasm. Thus, those who are on the way in this beautiful part of the city should definitely stop by and treat themselves to a Mexico cup, a kiwi cup or simply a mixed ice cream. The ice cream is made every day fresh on site with selected ingredients - and it tastes simply wonderful! 

Address: Alt-Schwanheim 42, 60529 Frankfurt am Main

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Eiscafé Olimpio

The actually quite large space on the Oeder Weg fills up quickly when the sun is shining. Then the whole Nordend meets at Eiscafé Olimpio to enjoy the delicious ice cream. Various variations of spaghetti ice cream are on the menu, including a variation with fresh fruit. A good portion at a fair price - and the whole thing is really delicious! 

Address: Oeder Weg 58, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

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AROMA ice cream factory

Since 2017, Frankfurters have finally been able to enjoy AROMA ice cream, where classic Italian ice cream production meets modern ice cream creations. Here not only the usual varieties like strawberry, vanilla or stracciatella come into the waffle or the cup. More unusual varieties such as lavender ice cream, vegan pistachio ice cream, avocado banana and Raffaello ice cream (delicious) are also on offer here. The fact that great importance is attached to fresh ingredients really tastes good.  

Address: Windmühlstr. 14, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

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