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Winter-Special: Winterdepression - Cause and Remedy

Part 3

Winter depression - a widespread disease?

Always tired, sad for no reason, in a bad mood, zero buck mood.

About ten percent of the population in Germany suffer from winter depression, which occurs in the murky, cold and rainy months from October to March. 75 percent of those affected are women.

In southern countries the number of winter depressives is considerably lower, in the Mediterranean it hardly occurs.

How does winter depression develop?

In winter many people spend most of their time in artificial light.

The lack of natural light causes the pineal gland to produce more melatonin.

This hormone sets the inner clock to rest and hibernation and slows the metabolism.

Furthermore, melatonin suppresses the production of the happiness hormone serotonin.

In many people the mood worsens. The desire to do something is fading. Fatigue increases and often so does appetite.

Winter depression: Typical symptoms

energy loss, imbalance, sadness, listlessness, listlessness, depressed mood, neglect of social contacts, cravings for candy, increased need for sleep.

Winter depression: What can you do about it?

If you're in a low mood, it's often hard for you to "get your act together".

But fresh air, exercise and conviviality are what's needed now.

A few tips:

A lot of exercise in fresh air. Suitable are walks, jogging or walking, cycling tours and cross-country skiing.

Planning for pleasant projects, e.g. a trip, a visit to the cinema or theatre or a party.

About being alone as far as possible. Make an appointment with friends and do something together.

Do something good for yourself, e.g. go out for a nice meal (fish is particularly recommended because of the omega-3 fatty acids) or take a few saunas.

Drink lots of milk and eat bananas, as the protein component tryptophan increases serotin levels.

If there is no improvement, professional help is urgently needed.

Lt. Prof. Ulrich Hegerl of the "Competence Network Depression" has "very good treatment options" for winter depression.

Approximately 80% of those affected with light therapy achieve good results.

With a daylight full spectrum lamp from 10,000 lux the therapy can also be carried out at home. Therapy recommendations are given by the family doctor or psychiatrist.

Book tip on the subject

Light Therapy: The Program Against Autumn and Winter Depression.

Light Therapy Device

Light Therapy Devices such asB. the Philips HF3420/01 EnergyUp contribute to the fact that humans feel more active. They also help to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm and mood swings in the dark season.

Winter depression: Link to topic

Article by Prof. Ulrich Hegerl at

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