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The W-Festival

Strong voices, strong women

From 09. to 11. May 2018 Frankfurt is once again firmly in women's hands. Then, for the seventh time, the W-Festival, once Women of the World Festival, will take place at the Alte Oper, the Gibson Club, the Ignatz Bubis Community Centre and the Speicher in Bad Homburg. Frankfurt is perfectly suited as a platform for a multinational women's festival, which is why it is hardly surprising that the popularity of the festival's events is constantly growing. The dream of the organizers is that this festival will no longer be limited to female musicians in a few years' time, but that female artists from other fields such as literature and art will also participate in the festival with their creations.

Although this may still be music of the future, the team around organizer Klaus Bönisch (KBK) and artistic director Bernd Hoffmann is definitely on the right track. Of course, the artists who will perform in 2018 are the first testimony to this. But there will certainly be an attractive supporting programme again this year, which will carry the spirit of the festival out of the concert halls into the city.

A special highlight this year for the second time will be the Sparkassen will be the stage for the festival, which will be held on 10 and 11 May at the centrally located Friedrich-Stoltze-Platz to provide a stage for young talent. Besides the newcomer casting winner 2018  many national and international newcomers will perform here on both days from approx. 14-21 o'clock! Already confirmed acts are: FEE, The Mysterons (NL), Kylie Spence (US). Admission is of course free. Besides good music there are fresh Lemonaid – Limos, delicious food, the Hamaka hammocks "Chill Zone" and much more!

not only here, but at the whole festival the enjoyment of the versatility of music and the beauty of the strong female voices is in the foreground. And in the program put together for 2018, it is fair to say that ENJOY is the most appropriate word to describe the individual performances. There is actually only one negative aspect: How can you choose the right one from all the great concerts, some of which take place in parallel, without missing out on another highlight?

The artists:


Photo: Sandra Ludewig

The singer Alin Coen inspires not only with her wonderful, warm voice, but also with her lyrics. These are poems, stories, letters. A German artist who meanwhile plays the big stages - and yet keeps the fascination of a secret tip!

And: A songwriter band par excellence!

You can find all further information about the concert HERE


Photo: Steven Haberland

Multiple excellent and always nice to listen to: Anna Depenbusch is a poetic narrator and “master of fractions“. At the W-Festival she presents herself alone at the piano, in a very intimate way. The German chanteuse plays her program, which changes between jazz / chanson / pop & country: solo at the piano. The diary of an alert artist, personal, playful – and highly emotional.

For more information about the concert please click HERE


Photo: Mateusz Tondel

It is no longer possible to imagine the German music scene without it. In 14 years she has received 2 Echo Awards, 11 (!) Amadeus Awards, The Golden Tuning Fork, Gold and Platinum – Awards: The striker is Austria's most successful musician and for many years the figurehead of her homeland. The down-to-earth and most approachable star gives in an exclusive program – and in the skillful change between quiet and loud sounds - an insight into her current soul life.

For more information about the concert please click HERE


Photo: Annika Weinthal

With Dota and her band DIE neue deutsche Liedermacherin der Stunde is coming to the W-Festival. Blazing lyric poetry - often with a very quiet voice: this is how the press describes the sound mix of jazz/folk/tango/reggae/pop, which sometimes comes across as avant-garde/electronic. Driving beats, explosive harmonies, artificial sounds, and an unmistakable crystal clear voice.

For more information about the concert please click HERE



Two years ago she was still enthusiastic about the young talent competition, now the young girl from Frankfurt, who has chosen to live in Frankfurt, is coming back to the W-Festival stage. 2018 Fee, who writes all her lyrics and songs exclusively herself, presents her debut album „EIN ZIMMER KÜCHE BAD“ (released in March 2018) – an intense and relaxed journey through the cosmos of a young woman of today!

At the W-Festival FEE performs as support of Christina Stürmer in the Alte Oper


Photo: KBK Konzert- und Künstleragentur

End of the 80's, beginning of the 90's she was a regular guest in the charts, her songs were played up and down the radio and she won numerous music prizes. Now the “British Queen of White Soul“ is finally back on stage! At the W-Festival concert in the Alte Oper the petite exceptional singer with the multi-faceted voice will not only perform her great world hits, but also present her strong new album “Deeper“. Intergenerational!

For more information about the concert please click HERE


Photo: João Portugal

The W-Festival is characterized not only by excellent female artists, but also by their musical diversity. The best example of this is Mariza: she is the icon of the new young Fado – and has made the “Lisbon blues“ almost single-handedly presentable worldwide. Sold out tours and 5 Grammy nominations have helped the elegant Portuguese with the Mozambique roots from Istanbul to Los Angeles to the status of a true and modern “Woman of the World“.

You can find all further information about the concert HERE


Photo: KBK Konzert- und Künstleragentur

The British trip-hop band has been a fixture in the international music business for over 20 years. Singer Skye Edwards and partner Ross Godfrey have sold more than 10 million albums with their cool groovy chillout sounds and have been touring the whole world from London since the 90s: Morcheeba present a cross-section of their work at the W-Festival concert in 2018.

Yes, a must-go event – not only for die-hard fans!

For more information about the concert please click HERE


Ute Lemper was supposed to be at the W-Festival last year. But in order to offer her fans the best possible performance, she wanted to fine-tune her new program. But waiting was definitely worth it: the German diva has just celebrated her new stage program “Songs for Eternity“ with a spectacular premiere in the Berlin synagogue. Now she's coming to Frankfurt with it. An intense experience of a special kind!

You can find all further information about the concert HERE


Photo: Jens Oellermann

Wallis Bird cannot be put into a drawer. Their music is genre-spanning, multi-layered and always surprising. The 2-time winner of the Irish Music Prize is a very special bundle of energy. Their concerts (600 worldwide in the last 3 years!) are therefore increasingly „ sold out“.  Irresistible pop– and rock melodies of a lady who sometimes screams her voice hoarse guarantee „a splendid time for all!“

For more information about the concert please click HERE


Photo: W Festival

With Selah Sue another strong artist was engaged for this year's W-Festival. After a short break, the Belgian singer-songwriter has a very special wish especially for her live performances: she wants to play back to the basics and very reduced, intimate arrangements of her songs. But not only already known songs will be heard, also brand new material Selah Sue wants to present to her audience. Catchy, rousing and above all one thing: very strongly sung! Don't miss!

You can find all further information about the concert HERE

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