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Winter-Special: Fit through the winter - strengthen your immune system and nourish it properly

Part 2

The cloudy, wet and cold days make us have to struggle every year anew.

All are after us: Viruses, bacteria and even a bad mood.

Some of them deal with winter depression, many others suffer from various colds.

A flu vaccination (October to December) can save you from the worst. It is also recommended because of the low side effects.

Naturally, the immune system has to be strengthened and something can also be done against the frequently occurring winter depression.

In the cold and dark season our immune system is strongly challenged. The right diet strengthens the immune system.

For this, the body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as plenty of exercise in fresh air. A regular visit to the sauna also improves your immune system.

Home winter vegetables such as kale, white cabbage, savoy cabbage, leek, onions, broccoli, celery and carrots are true vitamin bombs.

Carbohydrates provide energy. Therefore, potatoes, vegetables and whole grain products should be on our daily diet.

drink milk and eat bananas. The protein component tryptophan contained in it increases the serotin level. They also provide nerve-boosting magnesium.

Vitamins C, A + E as well as the minerals magnesium, selenium, iron and zinc are particularly important for supporting the natural defences.

The immune system is strengthened by sufficient vitamin C.

The daily requirement can be covered by vitamin C-rich foods such as lemon, orange, kiwi, broccoli, or paprika.

Vitamin A strengthens the mucous membranes and thus increases the immune function. Is present in foods of animal origin such as liver and in plant foods such as carrots, spinach or kale.

Vitamin E promotes the formation of antibodies. The need for vitamin E is usually sufficiently covered by a mixed diet.

Selenium is a vital trace element. It increases antibody formation. Main suppliers are liver, muscle meat, whole grain products and legumes.

Zinc promotes the formation of memory cells and helps with antibody formation. Zinc deficiency is often also the reason for increased hair loss. Zinc is found in dairy products, fish and shellfish.

Iron is important for the transport of oxygen. The iron requirement can be covered by meat and meat products. But is also contained in vegetables such as savoy cabbage, spinach, beans or peas.

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