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24 weeks

24 weeks

Deutschland 2016 - mit Julia Jentsch, Bjarne Mädel, Johanna Gastdorf, Emilia Pieske ...

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Regie:Anne Zohra Berrached
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 103 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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For Astrid (Julia Jentsch) and Markus (Bjarne Mädel) life goes exactly as they wished. Astrid is very successful as a cabaret artist and her husband supports her as a manager. Together they have a daughter who is their pride and joy. But then the whole world is completely unhinged when Astrid gets pregnant again and the couple learns that the unborn baby is seriously ill. The two of them must now make a difficult decision. But they're sure they'll make it together. But just when they seem to be sure they've made the right decision, the next Job's message comes…

"24 weeks" asks some very unpleasant questions. The drama is a challenge in every respect, not only in terms of content, but also stylistically. Director Anne Zohra Berrached has tried to tell the story as authentically as possible and to largely dispense with typical cinematic stylistic devices. This is supposed to create an almost documentary character, which, however, doesn't always work. Apart from the fact that the short appearances of Astrid as a cabaret artist are extremely flat and in reality would hardly have led to a successful career, especially the improvised dialogues and the play of the real doctors and specialists seem a bit too stilted to actually appear "real". No question, Julia Jentsch and Bjarne girls play well. Nevertheless, especially in the first half of the movie, the characters seem to be extremely played by the very hard work to make them seem real.

This somewhat bulky style pays off in the last third. Because what you get to see here is probably the most intensive and also the most unpleasant thing that German cinema has had to offer in recent years. The last 15 minutes are very difficult to endure, and even though you may have had problems getting into the story at first, you just can't escape this last act. What Julia Jentsch delivers here as an actor is simply great and moving and there is no doubt for a second that she is seeing a woman who suffers extremely in the face of her difficult decision.

"24 weeks" is not a film after which you leave the cinema relaxed and happy. The drama forces discussions, conversations and also a certain processing of what has been seen. And since this is a very sensitive subject, some of the talks will probably be very heated. But exactly when that happens, the film has reached its goal. He wants a taboo to be addressed and everyone - both those who can understand Astrid and those who will condemn her with every fibre of their body - to reconsider their position and seriously ask themselves: What would I do? Even if there is actually no answer to this question as long as you are not really in such a difficult situation, it is important that you openly discuss such difficult issues. And that's why "24 weeks" is an important, albeit very, very difficult work. If you want to face this challenge, the following applies: Worth seeing!

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  • 24 weeks
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