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A Beautiful Day

A Beautiful Day

Großbritannien 2017 - mit Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts, Ekaterina Samsonov ...

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Originaltitel:You were never really here
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Regie:Lynne Ramsay
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 90 Min
FSK:From 16 years
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The ex-military Joe (Joaquin Phoenix), who is marked by his past, is a professional in finding and freeing underage kidnapping victims. He is an ingenious sniffer dog and a merciless avenger who always remains in the shade. When he is supposed to free the daughter of a New York senator from a brothel, at first everything looks like a normal job for Joe. But suddenly he himself is part of a far-reaching intrigue that not only puts his own life in danger…

After the oppressive family drama "We need to talk about Kevin" director Lynne Ramsay returns with "A Beautiful Day". Her latest thriller drama is no less inconvenient than her award-winning predecessor. Based on the novella by the American writer, screenwriter and actor Jonathan Ames, Ramsay has an atmospherically dense look into the deepest abysses of the human soul. This is at times disturbing, brutal and repulsive, but fortunately not very striking, but rather artfully realized. On the one hand, this is one of the movie's great strengths, as any form of voyeuristic depiction of violence would have been completely out of place here.

On the other hand, the director's idiosyncratic style could also be described as a weak point. Because the very carried narrative tempo, the taciturn play of Joaquin Phoenix and the dark and oppressive atmosphere of the story aren't necessarily what you could call entertaining. The film is a challenge in several respects, which certainly not everyone wants to face. So it's quite possible that some people find the movie extremely gripping and especially on the psychological level extremely effective, while others see the whole thing as a boring revenge thriller with some violent spikes of violence. Both points of view are quite understandable.

Therefore, before buying a cinema ticket, you should ask yourself: Do I like somewhat bulky art house thrillers that place more value on their visual aesthetics than on tempo? If you can answer with  "Yes" and if you are not too soft on string, "A Beautiful Day" can be recommended to you. But if you put more emphasis on tempo and action and can't get used to extreme slowness, you might have a hard time with this really well played thriller. All in all: If you like movies like "Drive", "A Beautiful Day" is absolutely worth seeing for you, despite some lengths!

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  • A Beautiful Day
  • A Beautiful Day
  • A Beautiful Day
  • A Beautiful Day
  • A Beautiful Day
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