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A Breton Love

A Breton Love

Frankreich 2017 - mit François Damiens, Cécile de France, Guy Marchand, André Wilms, Alice de Lencquesaing ...

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Originaltitel:Otez moi d`un dote
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Regie:Carine Tardieu
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 100 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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In his profession as a mine dismantler Erwan (François Damiens) must always keep a cool head. In his private life, however, he succeeds less well. Because not only is his daughter Juliette (Alice de Lencquesaing) pregnant and doesn't want to betray her, he will be a father. An investigation also reveals that Erwans Papa Bastien (Guy Marchand) cannot be his biological father and that he apparently adopted him. Instead of confronting Bastien, Erwan secretly sets out to find his real father, whom he soon thinks he has found in Joseph (André Wilms). And as if that weren't already enough emotional chaos, he just now gets to know the quick-witted Anna (Cécile de France), with whom he falls head over heels in love - until he learns who she really is…

"Eine Bretonische Liebe" is a charming romantic comedy with lovable characters and delicious situational comedy that comforts the plot elements, some of which seem to have been constructed in an arguably way. The story is full of twists and turns, but none of them are really surprising. But that doesn't really matter. Because the implementation is so amusing and cordial that the lack of originality becomes a minor matter. Much of this is due to the good cast. François Damiens is simply wonderful as a mine remover on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Even though he may look rather inconspicuous, it is absolutely understandable why the enchanting Anna feels attracted to him. The fact that the chemistry between Damiens and Cécile de France is perfect is more than helpful.

Carine Tardieu has succeeded in making a film in which you can laugh heartily but also languish unrestrained - all embedded in wonderful pictures of the Breton landscape. The film is a romantic fairy tale without great depth and with some overdrawn characters, but also with a lot of heart and wonderfully constructed situation comedy. Tardieu finds the right tone right here. Even if it gets a little sillier, she never overshoots the mark. She does without cheap tales and all too hectic hustle and bustle, which gives the whole production a certain charm from which even the not so successful moments can profit.

"A Breton Love" is a movie in which you can simply let yourself go as a viewer. You don't have to strain the little grey cells very much, but you don't get offended by flat jokes in your intelligence either. It is simply a beautiful film that spreads a good mood and a pleasant warmth around the heart. If you want to take a little break from everyday life and appreciate French romantic comedies of a particularly likeable kind, you shouldn't miss this film. Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • A Breton Love
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