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Februar 2020
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A last job

A last job

Großbritannien 2018 - mit Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Michael Gambon, Charlie Cox ...

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Originaltitel:King of Thieves
Genre:Drama, Comedy
Regie:James Marsh
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2018
Laufzeit:Ca. 108 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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In fact, Brian Reader (Michael Caine), once a cunning crook, wanted to withdraw completely from the criminal business for his wife. But now she is dead and Brian sees no sense in his pensioner existence any more. But then he receives information from the young Basil (Charlie Cox), which could enable him to make his biggest coup: A burglary in London's diamond district - in the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit, a depot company that rents its customers lockers for valuables. But of course Brian and Basil can't do the coup on their own. Therefore, the pensioner-guauner must once again gather a group of old colleagues around him in order to be able to cope with the multi-million-dollar slump. But unfortunately the action isn't as foolproof as it was intended… 

The story of "A Last Job" sounds absurd, but is actually based on true events. The break-in into the vault of the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit in April 2015 has fascinated and kept the British public in suspense from the time the crime became known until the perpetrators were convicted. Director James Marsh ("The Discovery of Infinity") has created an entertaining crook comedy from the story, which in its best moments reminds us like a geriatric version of "Ocean's Eleven". The cast, which besides the wonderful Michael Caine also has Michael Gambon ("Harry Potter"), Oscar winner Jim Broadbent or the old warhorse Ray Winstone ("Departed") to offer, is simply great and can score especially in the scenes, which are characterized by dry puns. 

The pleasantly self-deprecating play of the men's squad comforts even over a few small lengths. It only becomes problematic in the last act when the story takes an (unexpected?) turn. Then the whole thing not only loses its amusing lightness, but also reveals that there isn't any real sympathizer in the whole movie. Even Brian, who had the hearts of the audience on his side as a sly crook, reveals sides of his character that make it obvious that he is an unscrupulous criminal. 

Without the humorous undertones and the lovably quirky sides of the characters, "A Last Job" turns into an all-too-conventional heist movie, which still entertains well, but can't leave a real impression. After the very successful beginning this is a rather disappointing ending. Nevertheless: The many well-done moments and the great actors make "A last job" still worth seeing, despite some weaknesses!

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