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A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

Spanien 2015 - mit Benicio Del Toro, Tim Robbins, Olga Kurylenko, Mélanie Thierry ...

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Originaltitel:A Perfect Day
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Regie:Fernando León De Aranoa
Produktionsland:Spanien 2015
Laufzeit:Approx. 106 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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In their work for an international relief organization in war zones, Mambrú (Benicio Del Toro) and B (Tim Robbins) have already seen almost everything. While B reacts to mined cows, stubborn blue helmet soldiers or unhelpful locals with growing cynicism, Mambrú has acquired a protective vest of almost stoic calmness. And with these qualities they also dedicate themselves to their latest task: to fetch a dead man from a well before the corpse contaminates the water. But that's easier said than done. Because the rope breaks and a new one is almost impossible to get. They also have to look after the inexperienced Sophie (Mélanie Thierry), driven by almost naïve idealism, for whom this rescue is the first operation. And when Mambrús ex-lover Katya (Olga Kurylenko) turns up to check out the work of the aid organization, it is finally over. A Perfect Day" is director Fernando León De Aranoa's attempt on a very difficult balancing act: he wants to tell a story about the war and the desperate struggle of some committed people to bring something like hope and peace into the country in times of omnipresent suffering, death and hatred. It seems to be a battle against windmills, which also demands that they stand up to their own despair, discouragement and homesickness. This is hard stuff that the filmmaker wants to convey as realistically as possible. At the same time the whole thing is supposed to be a comedy with satirical undertones. A work in which the lightness of dialogue and humour asserts itself against the gravity of history. Finding the right balance is extremely difficult.

However, the script, created in collaboration with Diego Farias, the sensitive, but at the same time also very biting staging and the excellent acting of the actors ensure that Fernando León De Aranoa succeeds in hitting the perfect note. He makes his audience laugh heartily several times, only to then let scenes follow, which in their real absurdity let this laughter get stuck in their throats, or which in their cruelty hit the pit of the stomach. This is especially true for a sequence in which Mambrú and Sophie want to get a boy a football from his former house. The events around this scene are full of absurd comedy, but the discovery that follows in the house is extremely shocking and full of cruel sadness.

It's a grandiose achievement that the overall picture of the film nevertheless seems appropriate in tone and emotionally absolutely coherent. If you follow the aid organization's employees on their odyssey around the search for a simple rope, you would like to believe that all this is just a complete exaggeration. However, with this very simple example the movie makes it impressively clear on how many levels a war is actually waged and that even so-called peace missions of real help sometimes stand in the way rather than actually offering it. An entertaining as well as important movie with high cult potential, that definitely has what it takes to become the "M.A.S.H." of a new generation. Absolutely worth seeing!

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