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A royal exchange

A royal exchange

Frankreich/Belgien 2017 - mit Lambert Wilson, Anamaria Vartolomei, Olivier Gourmet, Catherine Mouchet ...

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Originaltitel:L`Échange des Princesses
Regie:Marc Dugain
Produktionsland:Frankreich/Belgien 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 100 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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France in 1721: Peace with Spain stands on shaky legs. To consolidate his position, the regent Duke Philip of Orléans plans to marry the eleven-year-old French king Louis XV to Maria Anna Victoria, only four years old and the daughter of the Spanish king. In return, the twelve-year-old Louise Elisabeth, Philipp's own daughter, is to become the wife of the future Spanish king Don Luis. Madrid agrees to this princess exchange. But what good is the best strategy if the young married couple have their own heads and don't want to play the game of the grown-ups… 

"?Ein königlicher Tausch" is the adaptation of a novel by author Chantal Thomas ("Farewell my Queen"), which - based on true events - is a mercilessly revealing moral painting of the nobility in the 18th century. Century traces. Director Marc Dugain has transformed the novel into a sumptuously furnished costume drama that reveals the diplomatic implications of this story with subtle humour and restrained tempo. This seems so absurd at times that one might not even believe that these are true events. 

As forced marriage is still a topic today, one may only shake one's head in astonishment in view of their use for diplomatic purposes, but at the same time one must recognize that history also unfortunately has a certain topicality. The laughter that is generated here by biting cynicism in some scenes is also stuck in your throat. 

The slow, unagitated narrative style makes "A royal exchange" somewhat bulky at times. But especially the young actresses and actors can easily compensate for this deficiency. It is thanks to them that the adaptation of the novel has become a stirring and quite moving historical drama, despite the fact that some followers have done so, which deserves a clear "worth seeing" with a few small compromises.

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  • A royal exchange
  • A royal exchange
  • A royal exchange
  • A royal exchange
  • A royal exchange
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