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September 2020
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  • DVD
Addiction potential - 100 percent Alko-Pop Live - DVD

Addiction potential - 100 percent Alko-Pop Live - DVD

Deutschland 2015 - mit Julia Gámez Martin, Ariane Müller ...


Genre:Music movie, Comedy
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2015
Laufzeit:Approx. 137 min.
FSK:From 16 years
Anzahl der Disc:1
Sprachen:English (Dolby Digital 5.1 + 2.0)
Bildformat:16:9 (anamorph)
Extras:Video clips, Easter Egg
Label:Turbine Medien
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Amazon Link : Addiction potential - 100 percent Alko-Pop Live - DVD

Film: You are charming, attractive, have very pleasant voices and obviously a great talent for composing catchy melodies. When Julia Gámez Martin from Berlin and Ariane Müller from Swabia enter the stage, you could almost think you are dealing with a good singer/songwriter/pop duo. But this impression is deceptive. After just a few seconds it becomes clear that the duo Suchtpotenzial doesn't mince their words and with their cheeky lyrics and wonderfully evil irony they set a great antithesis to the ingratiating melodies. The result is first-class music comedy for the ear and for the laugh muscles. The duo's two-hour live program has now been recorded at Ballhaus Berlin and can now be enjoyed on the DVD "Suchtpotenzial - 100 Prozent Alko-Pop Live".

Since the two ladies are on a small stage, there is no big show and the music and lyrics are the focus of attention anyway, many may ask themselves whether a CD recording would not have been enough. The answer is clear: NO! Because the charisma of the ladies, their facial expressions and their entire stage presence also contribute a considerable part to the fact that one succumbs as a spectator to the addiction potential of the duo fast. Whether they sing the praises of their Berlin-Swabian friendship, take the good guy for a ride, moan about too big or too small breasts or confess to penis envy, it's almost impossible with each of their songs not to bounce your legs to the beat and laugh heartily about the lyrics - or at least to smile amusedly.

The two artists are never offended when things get politically incorrect or a bit coarser. But apart from the content, Julia Gámez Martin and Ariane Müller also prove to be really versatile musicians who know pop and chanson just as well as jazz or even rap and rock. Their anti-singer/songwriter request "Please don't write a song" or their songs about being abandoned, about the men who are Julia Gámez Martin's vice or the great anthem for all serial junkies, are also testimony to the varied repertoire of addiction potential.

The duo skilfully manages the balancing act between comedy and cabaret and thus settles into a very own, refreshingly unadapted niche. Anyone who likes musical cabaret, which can sometimes be a bit more cheeky and evil, should not miss this amusing live recording. It's all too easy to get addicted to these two ladies! And there is an absolutely deserved one for that: Worth seeing and hearing!

Picture + sound: In a live program that comes up without big show effects and only takes place on a small stage, the audiovisual implementation plays a rather subordinate role. The most important prerequisites, however, are perfectly fulfilled here: the image is absolutely clean, has a high image sharpness and an authentic-looking color mixture. The sound, both in stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, lets the cheeky lyrics of the duo and the catchy melodies sound out of the speakers easily understandable and powerful. What more could you ask for? Good!

Extras: As a bonus there are two music videos for the songs "Penisneid" (ca. 5:06 min.) and "Das Beste am Sommer" (ca. 4:32 min.). And if you search around the menu a bit, you might find the Easter Egg with a Minimal Pool Techno Party (about 1:40 min.).

Fazit: "Addiction potential" are charming, have good voices and can compose beautiful melodies. At the same time Julia Gámez Martin from Berlin and Ariane Müller from Swabia are cheeky, politically wonderfully incorrect and unrestrainedly frivolous. The result is a live concert that not only flatters the ears, but also strains the laughter muscles at the same time. A duo with addictive potential. For all lovers of musical cabaret, who like it to be a bit more evil and cheeky, this technically well realized live recording from the Ballhaus in Berlin is absolutely recommendable!

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