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Arthur and Claire

Arthur and Claire

Deutschland/Österreich/Niederlande 2017 - mit Josef Hader, Hannah Hoekstra, Rainer Bock ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Tragicomedy, Comedy, Drama
Regie:Miguel Alexandre
Produktionsland:Deutschland/Österreich/Niederlande 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 99 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Charming alleys, picturesque houses, the fascinatingly beautiful canals - a visit to Amsterdam should always be accompanied by a real feeling of happiness. Not so with Arthur (Josef Hader). Because Arthur came from Vienna to Amsterdam to die here. He's got one more night before he makes his appointment at the clinic. He wants to spend this last night on earth in style with a delicious dinner and a good bottle of wine. But then the young Claire (Hannah Hoekstra) gets in the way, who wants to take her own life in the hotel room next door. Arthur can prevent this, but the young woman does not seem to be really grateful for it. And so he follows their heels and the two of them form a community of destiny that gives the two so different people, who had actually ended their lives, a whole new view of their situation…

"Arthur and Claire" is a wonderful film about two people who are on the run that night - him before his death, she before their lives. The free adaptation of the play of the same name by Stefan Vögel is a stirring mixture of tragedy and comedy, which entertains very well, but at the same time also makes you think. The film makes its viewers laugh, but also brings tears to your eyes. Despite the rather difficult topics he deals with, in the end it is not a depressing feeling that remains, but a very life-affirming mood full of hope.

The fact that the movie works so well is, of course, largely due to the very well written dialogues, but also to the actors who perform them. It is above all the chemistry between the reliably good Josef Hader and the newcomer Hannah Hoekstra that makes the balls perfect for the faster word battles. Neither in the humorous passages, nor in the more emotional moments, the two are too fat. So what happens between Arthur and Claire that night really seems real, which finally leads to the fact that the viewer of this trip is really carried away by Amsterdam at night.

Admitted, the finale is very predictable and also looks a little bit constructed. However, this is only a minimal flaw in an otherwise really wonderful movie. Funny, sad, unagitatedly staged and well played - the perfect ingredients for a successful cinema evening. From me there is a clear one: Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Arthur and Claire
  • Arthur and Claire
  • Arthur and Claire
  • Arthur and Claire
  • Arthur and Claire
  • Arthur and Claire
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