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Ask Dr. Ruth

Ask Dr. Ruth

USA 2019 - mit Dr. Ruth Westheimer ...

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Originaltitel:Ask Dr. Ruth
Regie:Ryan White
Produktionsland:USA 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 100 min.
FSK:From 12 years old
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A Frankfurt girl, born in 1928 as Karola Ruth Siegel, has made the sex life of a whole nation very confusing. Her open way of talking about sex has made Dr. Ruth Westheimer a real phenomenon in the USA. With her strong German accent and a tremendous amount of joie de vivre, the barely 1.45 metre tall therapist never minces her words on any subject, no matter how raunchy it may be. In the extremely prudish America of the 1980s, her show "Sexually Speaking" was both a taboo breaker and a revolution. Never before have people been able to talk so openly about topics such as female orgasm, erectile dysfunction, secret preferences, masturbation or sexual positions. Dr. Ruth became a real icon, appeared on talk shows, feature films and TV series and sold millions of books. Even today, at over 90 years of age, "Grandma Freud" is not a quiet little thing. She still speaks openly about sex and took part in the protests against racism and police brutality in New York this summer.

In the wonderful documentary "Ask Dr. Ruth", director Ryan White draws a lively and entertaining portrait of this truly special woman using archive material, recent interviews and animated passages based on diary entries and letters. Her open, cheerful and extremely lovable manner often stands in stark contrast to the terrible things she experienced as a girl and young woman. So she was sent from Frankfurt to Switzerland by her parents when she was just ten years old. Here she survived the Nazi regime in a children's home, but her family fell victim to it. In 1945 she emigrated to Palestine, where she joined the paramilitary underground organization Haganah and was trained as a sniper.

But even if the documentary does not omit such dark chapters, its tone is never lurid or seems too thick. Ryan White knows very well how to strike the right note at every moment - be it when looking back on Dr. Ruth Westheimer's childhood, on a trip to the beginnings of her radio show or on recordings from her private life. In this way he creates a pleasant mixture of humorous moments, moving moments and exciting insights into the work of an impressive woman.

"Ask Dr. Ruth" is a documentary really worth watching. It is not only an entertaining portrait, but also a stirring piece of contemporary history in many ways. A film that moves and at the same time makes you really happy through the contagious cheerfulness of the protagonist. That's what the film clearly stands for: Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Ask Dr. Ruth
  • Ask Dr. Ruth
  • Ask Dr. Ruth
  • Ask Dr. Ruth
  • Ask Dr. Ruth
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