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Asterix in the Land of the Gods

Asterix in the Land of the Gods

Frankreich 2014 - mit den deutschen Stimmen von Charly Hübner, Milan Peschel, Martin Umbach ...

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Originaltitel:Asterix: Le domain des dieux
Genre:Animation, Comedy, Children's Movie
Regie:Alexandre Astier & Louis Clichy
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2014
Laufzeit:Approx. 86 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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At Teutates! Julius Caesar has still not succeeded in occupying all of Gaul. This small village full of unfaltering Gauls is constantly thwarting its plans. But that should now be finally over. Caesar does not want to defeat the Gauls by force of arms, but by succumbing to the temptations of the Roman way of life. In order to achieve this, a magnificent housing estate with the name "The Land of the Gods" is to be built directly in front of the small village. But of course Asterix, Obelix and Co. want to prevent that. It cannot be that the Romans simply cut down their beloved forest and then spread out there. But when it is the slaves who suffer from the sabotage of the building, the Gauls give in. The Romans can still beat her up later. But what awaits them after the construction of the luxury residential complex is a real challenge even for our brave Gauls…

"Asterix in the Land of the Gods" is based on "Die Trabantenstadt", one of the best volumes of the cult comic series. Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier have taken this as a starting point to try out a new approach for an "Asterix" film. They wanted to get back to the roots on the one hand, but also to take a big step in a new direction for the series on the other: 3D computer animation. After the traditional cartoons and the successful, but artistically rather disappointing real film adaptations, this was actually a consistent further development. But this should not take place without the participation of "Asterix" creator Albert Uderzo. He was involved in the design of the characters as well as the comic-strip story, which received some new facets in Astier's script.

The result is without a doubt one of the best "Asterix" movies ever. Admittedly, some gags are very overexcited and very silly. But all in all, the makers succeeded very well in transferring the wit and charm of the comics to the big screen. This applies to the visual implementation as well as to the script. The computer animated 3D-look doesn't look too smooth and cool, but lets the viewer dive into the world of the Gauls in a wonderful way. Moreover, there are countless small details to discover, which further intensify the fun factor of the movie. The well-known story has been very well extended by some characters and plot elements, whereby some very wonderful gags in the classic "Asterix" style are mixed with contemporary slapstick to an extremely funny whole.

"Asterix in the Land of the Gods" is one of the animated films whose humor works on several levels, so that both children and adults can have a great pleasure with it. It becomes clear that the makers love the original and have treated it with the necessary respect, but at the same time were able to bring in their own style and new ideas. A great movie experience that works great in 2D as well as in the really good 3D and that shows in a very entertaining way why the inhabitants of the famous Gallic village have been a big cult for more than five decades. After the rather disappointing real film adaptations finally another charming, funny and clever "Asterix"-movie, which deserves an "Absolutely worth seeing"!

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  • Asterix in the Land of the Gods
  • Asterix in the Land of the Gods
  • Asterix in the Land of the Gods
  • Asterix in the Land of the Gods
  • Asterix in the Land of the Gods
  • Asterix in the Land of the Gods
  • Asterix in the Land of the Gods
  • Asterix in the Land of the Gods
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