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Frankreich/Kanada 2016 - mit den deutschen Stimmen von Maria Ehrich, Max von der Groeben, Joachim Llambi ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Animation, Children's Movie
Regie:Eric Summer, Eric Warin
Produktionsland:Frankreich/Kanada 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 89 Min
FSK:From 0 years
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France in the 1880s: 12-year-old orphan girl Félicies (spoken by Maria Ehrich) dreams of one day becoming a famous dancer. But the orphanage is not the right place to study ballet. She'd have to go to Paris for that. With the help of her best friend Victor, she actually manages to escape her nasty watchdog and flee to the vibrant metropolis of Paris. Through a fortunate circumstance she even got a place in the ballet school of the Paris Opera House. But how long can she withstand the enormous pressure of her merciless dance teacher - and how long can she keep up the lie that gave her her place at school?

"Ballerina" leaves a somewhat ambivalent feeling. On the one hand, the story about the dancing orphan is a beautiful girl's film, which is absolutely target group oriented. Félicies is a really great heroine for little ballet fans and also the pictures of Paris pulsating with change are very beautifully animated. But what is a little disappointing is that the production itself is completely interchangeable. The characters look like in any other animated film. In hand-drawn cartoons, the characters somehow still had their own style, but for a few years now, computer-animated people have somehow all looked the same. Also the story with its twists and turns and positive messages is nice, but very conventional.

It's a real pity that the makers don't trust their young viewers to like classical ballet music. Only in one scene you can hear a little music from the "Swan Lake", otherwise completely inappropriate for the epoch in which the story takes place, completely interchangeable pop songs by Sia and Co. determine the soundtrack. It's understandable that such songs are used to better sell the soundtrack. But at least with the dance scenes one could have fallen back on classical pieces, which girls would have found great in this context.

Either way, girls between the ages of 6 and 11 are unlikely to be bothered by these criticisms. Here you will find a lot to laugh and dream about. And also boys get their money's worth with some gags and action sequences implemented according to target groups, especially at the finale. Therefore: A surprise poor and exchangeable, but also nice and beautifully converted children's film. Worth seeing

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