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Between us the Wall

Between us the Wall

Deutschland 2019 - mit Lea Freund, Tim Bülow, Franziska Weisz, Fritz Karl ...

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Genre:Drama, Romance
Regie:Norbert Lechner
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 114 min.
FSK:6 years and older
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1986: For seventeen-year-old Anna (Lea Freund) from the West German province, it's almost an adventure when she travels with a youth group to a meeting in East Berlin. At first glance, everything seems so different and somehow strange - except for the parson's son Philipp (Tim Bülow). Anna quickly feels attracted to his slightly rebellious nature. In the short time they spend together, the two of them quickly develop great feelings, but the wall stands in their way. But although Anna's parents (Franziska Weisz, Fritz Karl) don't like her daughter's love for a boy from the East and even forbid her to travel to Berlin, Anna uses every opportunity for a secret visit to Philipp. But then the lovers make a mistake that could have drastic consequences for both of them... 

"Between us the Wall" is based on Katja Hildebrand's autobiographical novel. The multiple award-winning director Norbert Lechner ("Tom und Hacke", "Ente gut; Mädchen allein zu Hause", "Toni Goldwascher") has transported this model onto the canvas in a rousing way. The result is a love story that simply seems authentic and beautiful, without being too kitschy or clichéd. It is very helpful that almost all roles were filled with relatively unused faces. Especially Lea Freund and Tim Bülow play very naturally and spray a chemistry, which makes their love story so believable. 

Naturally this movie is also not completely free of clichés. But Lechner succeeds very well in countering them again and again with something surprising. When Anna travels to East Berlin for the first time, the border official corresponds exactly to the imagination of the ice-cold, completely humorless and unfeeling people, as they have already been seen in countless films about the GDR. But in the course of the film Lechner builds in a nice antithesis, which simply does good and which shows that you should never put everyone over the same side of the same coin. 

"Between us the Wall" may not be a big movie, but it's a wonderful love story, which touches, entertains very well and is also convincingly played and atmospherically implemented. A really beautiful film that shows that love knows no boundaries. That's what it's all about: Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Between us the Wall
  • Between us the Wall
  • Between us the Wall
  • Between us the Wall
  • Between us the Wall
  • Between us the Wall
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