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Breakfast with Monsieur Henri

Breakfast with Monsieur Henri

Frankreich 2015 - mit Claude Brasseur, Noémie Schmidt, Guillaume De Tonquédec, Frédérique Bel ...

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Originaltitel:L`etutiante et Monsieur Henri
Regie:Ivan Calbérac
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2015
Laufzeit:Ca. 99 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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The young student Constance (Noémie Schmidt) dreams of finally being independent and studying in Paris. Since she has hardly any money, however, she has to take what she can get as a place to stay in the metropolis. A room in the apartment of the sullen pensioner Monsieur Henri (Claude Brasseur) seems to be almost perfect. Although the old man is not exactly a spawn of friendliness, the young woman with her boundless optimism will somehow get to grips with it. But on another occasion it looks more problematic: Constance can't afford rent and bail that fast. But then her Monsieur Henri makes an unusual offer: if Constance manages to twist the head of his son Paul (Guillaume De Tonquédec) in such a way that he leaves his wife Valerie (Frédérique Bel), whom the old man cannot stand, she is allowed to live in the room for free. Constance reluctantly accepts the suggestion, unaware of what family chaos she is going to cause with it, not guessing what kind of chaos she is going to cause. Originally director Ivan Valbérac wrote his new comedy "Breakfast at Monsieur Henri's" as a play before adapting it for the cinema. There are several reasons why this award-winning piece also works so well on the big screen. Although large parts of the story play in the apartment on Monsieur Henri. Nevertheless, Calbérac makes very good use of the visual language of cinema. That doesn't just refer to beautiful shots of Paris. Even with the scenes that take place in the apartment, the film never seems like a chamber play. But the camera work is not the only reason why the way from the stage to the screen has worked so well.

The harmonious speed of the production, the amusing dialogues and above all the actors make this charming comedy a great pleasure. Claude Brasseur is a quirky old stubborn guy who is simply wonderful. Although his Monsieur Henri does everything he can to keep him from being liked, Brasseur turns the grumpy pensioner into a very popular person whom you simply have to love. Noémie Schmidt, who recently made her breakthrough in the series "Versailles", radiates a captivating naturalness that one quickly falls for. This unequal duo carries the film across all highs and also across isolated lows, which are no longer recognizable as such. Clichés, dramaturgical hangers or not quite accurate gags are almost completely covered by the charm that the actors and the production radiate.

Although the end is very predictable at some point and even if you don't get anything here that you haven't seen before, "Frühstück bei Monsieur Henri" is a perfect feel-good cinema with a lot of wit and heart. Those who like casual French comedy entertainment should not miss this amusing charm offensive. Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Breakfast with Monsieur Henri
  • Breakfast with Monsieur Henri
  • Breakfast with Monsieur Henri
  • Breakfast with Monsieur Henri
  • Breakfast with Monsieur Henri
  • Breakfast with Monsieur Henri
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