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Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions

Frankreich/Kanada 2014 - mit Paul Walker, David Belle, RZA, Catalina Denis, Ayisha Issa ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Brick Mansions
Regie:Camille Delamarre
Produktionsland:Frankreich/Kanada 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 91 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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In the not-too-distant future, the Detroit Brick Mansions neighborhood is sealed off from the rest of the city to keep murder, drug trafficking, and other crimes under control. Violence and anarchy reign in the quarter surrounded by a high wall, so no one in their right mind would voluntarily enter Brick Mansions. But the undercover cop Collier (Paul Walker) has no other choice, because the unscrupulous drug lord Tremaine (RZA) has acquired a nuclear weapon with which he could wipe out Detroit. To get to Tremaine, Collier needs help, though. The ex-convict Lino (David Belle), whose girlfriend Lola (Catalina Denis) is in the hands of the drug baron, is supposed to support him in his suicidal operation. It's just too stupid that Lino has just been fooled by corrupt policemen and doesn't feel like helping a cop at all. Collier has little time to get Lino to help him free his girlfriend and defuse the bomb. But the police officer has no idea that the real danger comes from a completely different side…  

"Brick Mansions" is the last film Paul Walker completely shot before he died in an accident.  Even though Walker has more talent than he was allowed to show in works like this, it offers his fans a successful farewell at least on the action level. But all in all this US remake of the French movie "Ghettogangz - Die Hölle vor Paris" by Pierre Morel is not a very good movie. This is primarily due to the rather uninspired script by Luc Besson, who had already written the original. The dialogues are simply gruesome and the various plot elements are a pure series of clichés. When David Belle, who repeats his role from "Ghettogangz" here, plays some really spectacular Parkour interludes, the dramaturgical weaknesses are quickly forgotten. And also the chases on foot or by car, which he does in duo with Paul Walker, make the film at least in places extremely worth seeing.

However, as soon as a break is taken from the race, shooting or beating and the viewer gets the opportunity to think about the story, the entertainment value of the film quickly plunges deep into the basement. And at the latest with the end that it really makes itself far too easy with its "social-critical" message, it becomes clear that here every good intention and every promising idea has been completely gambled away. Surely, a movie like this doesn't have a high spiritual claim, but just wants to entertain well. And "Brick Mansions" does that really well in some moments. But if a scenario is already designed that reveals such striking social criticism, it would have had to be worked out with a little more creativity, bite and depth in order to actually work and not to seem downright ridiculous in the end.

Actingly, the whole thing is also not on an extremely high level. While Paul Walker really tried hard to play against the tired script, but only got a routine performance, Wu-Tang Clan co-founder RZA is simply not talented enough to make a really good bad guy. While David Belle makes you forget any weakness in acting with his Parkour interludes, Catalina Denis can't hide in any scene that she was only cast as an attractive accessory.

Who doesn't attach great importance to a sophisticated story or to high acting skills will certainly be very well entertained in "Brick Mansions". But if you expect a bit more from simply knitted action entertainment than cool fights and thrilling chases, you can confidently save the entrance fee for this movie. Therefore, the rule is Worth seeing only with some exceptions

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  • Brick Mansions
  • Brick Mansions
  • Brick Mansions
  • Brick Mansions
  • Brick Mansions
  • Brick Mansions
  • Brick Mansions
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