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Capital C

Capital C

Deutschland/USA 2015 - mit Zach Crain, Brian Fargo, Jackson Robinson ...

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Regie:Timon Birkhofer & Jørg M. Kundinger
Produktionsland:Deutschland/USA 2015
Laufzeit:Ca. 89 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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You can watch it especially well in the cinema area: especially the big studios are currently playing it safe. Instead of giving new ideas or niche productions a chance, they concentrate on sequels, reboots, remakes or spin-offs. They aren't necessarily bad, but they make sure that a certain despondency and a lack of originality become apparent. This is where the crowdfunding principle comes in. Filmmakers who want to realize their ideas off the beaten track or directors who want to bring their TV series to the big screen turn directly to the fans, who, if the need exists, can then co-finance these projects. Of course, this idea can also be transferred to many other areas, from video games to the design of playing cards, music or funny design ideas, which big companies simply don't believe in, but which are well received by the end customer. The fact that the customer/fan/viewer/player is directly involved in the development of a product makes such crowdfunding projects something very special.

The "Capital C" documentation is now devoted to this topic by letting some experts have their say in general and taking a closer look at three very different crowdfunding projects. There is Zach Crain, who became a hit on the Internet with his Freaker USA knitted bottle covers and even received an invitation to the US version of the TV show "The Lion's Cave". But the overwhelming competition and a slump in the Freaker headquarters could quickly put an end to this project. Another kick starter is Brian Fargo, who celebrated great success in the 1980s with the video game "Wasteland" and now wants to realize the long awaited sequel about crowdfunding. Is the demand large enough to be able to get the financing off the ground? And finally, Jackson Robinson is also the focus of the documentary, who wants to take off with hand-drawn poker cards. But is there a market for it at all?

Timon Birkhofer and Jørg M. Kundinger have themselves started a crowdfunding campaign to create this extremely entertaining documentary. They did almost everything right during the implementation. Her film is informative and entertaining, shows wonderfully what possibilities there are in crowdfunding, without hiding the existing downsides. With excellent timing, a pinch of humour and a well-chosen soundtrack they send the audience on a thrilling journey from the start to the (provisional) end of three exciting projects, which impressively show what can be achieved with ingenuity, creativity and a lot of hard work.

"Capital C" is a must for everyone who wants to deal with the topic of crowdfunding. The film gives valuable tips from experts, but also uses practical examples to show how difficult the realisation of such a project can be and what pressure can arise from the responsibility one has towards one's investors. The fact that this is also communicated in such an entertaining way makes this conclusion unavoidable: Absolutely worth seeing]

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