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Case Histories - Season 1 - DVD

Case Histories - Season 1 - DVD

Großbritannien 2011 - mit Jason Isaacs, Amanda Abbington, Kristy Mitchell, Zawe Ashton, Millie Innes ...


Originaltitel:Case Histories – Series 1
Genre:TV series, Thriller
Regie:Marc Jobst, Bill Anderson, Dan Zeff
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2011
Laufzeit:Ca. 312 Min.
FSK:From 12 years
Anzahl der Disc:3
Sprachen:German, English (Dolby Stereo 2.0)
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Amazon Link : Case Histories - Season 1 - DVD

Contents: Former soldier Jackson Brodie (Jason Isaacs) was once a respected cop in Edinburgh, Scotland. But meanwhile he has left the active police service and tries to earn his living as a private detective. Even privately it looked better for Brodie. He lives separated from his wife Kirsty and sees his daughter Marlee far too rarely. But even if life with the ex-cop doesn't seem to mean very well, he always succeeds impressively in using his outstanding gift as an investigator for his clients. Whether he tries to clear up the disappearance of a girl 30 years ago, is involved in a mysterious car accident, or gets on the trail of an illegal prostitute ring, he always succeeds in revealing the tangled connections between the individual investigations and thus solving his cases. Only a dark chapter from his childhood catches up with him again and again and puts his psyche to the test...

The series "Case Histories" based on the "Jackson Brodie" novels by Kate Atkinson is a real enrichment for the ever more extensive subject of the British crime series. This is not only because of the extremely atmospheric camera work and the exciting cases, but also because of the charismatic and profound main character, who is embodied in a great way by Jason Isaacs ("Harry Potter"). Isaacs skilfully alternates between charming irony and undercooled seriousness, which is also repeatedly infused with dark despair through memories of the death of his little sister. Sometimes Brodie is a cool gentleman with women at his feet, sometimes he is the unyielding investigator, who with his very special nature and persistence drives his secretary Deborah (Zawe Ashton) and his former boss DC Louise Munroe (Amanda Abbington) to madness. And then there's his side as a loving father, who has to come to terms with the fact that his ex-wife and daughter will soon live far away and that he will see Marlee even less often.

All these different facets make Jackson Brodie an extremely interesting character, who you like to watch while investigating. The three double episodes themselves are very exciting, even though the intricacies between the individual cases that Brodie takes on in the respective episodes sometimes seem somewhat constructed. But what the stories here lack in refinement is quickly compensated for by the staging in terms of atmosphere, suspense and entertainment value. Because "Case Histories" is excellently implemented crime food that knows how to captivate from the first to the last scene. No matter if in calm dialogue sequences or atmospheric moments of tension, these first three cases of Jackson Brodie fly by and desire for more! Fans of atmospheric TV thrillers should therefore definitely buy this box.

And that's what the episodes of the first season are about:

DVD 1: The girls' secret part 1 + 2

Jackson Brodie is a former policeman who now works as a private detective in Edinburgh. Privately he lives separated from his wife Kirsty, with whom he has a little daughter named Marlee. Brodie is currently trying to clear up the disappearance of little Olivia Land. The problem is the girl disappeared 30 years ago. But after their sisters Amelia and Julia Land have found an old stuffed animal from Olivia, they ask Brodie to resume the search. In parallel, Jackson Brodie helps lawyer Theo Wyre solve the murder of his daughter Laura. At first it seems as if Theo himself was the perpetrator's target, but Brodie discovers in his research that Laura was no longer the innocent girl her father thought she was... (Text: ZDFneo)

DVD 2: The missing corpse part 1 + 2:

Jackson Brodie discovers a female corpse in the water while jogging in the morning. He's trying to salvage it, but the current's too strong. When the police arrive, the body is gone. Meanwhile, crime writer Martin Canning witnesses a brutal attack on Peter Bradley in an underground garage. The actually anxious Canning beats the attacker into the escape and accompanies the victim into the hospital. Martin Canning even stays with Bradley for the next 24 hours at the request of the doctor, who is reluctant to let Bradley out of the clinic because of his head injury. But when he falls asleep, Martin searches his things and discovers a weapon. Gloria Hatter is also in the clinic: Her husband had a severe heart attack, but not at the alleged meeting, but during the visit of a prostitute. This is very similar to the young woman Jackson Brodie discovered dead in the water in the morning. (Text: ZDFneo)

DVD 3: Shadows of the Past Part 1 + 2:

Private detective Jackson Brodie witnesses a car accident: An old lady's car gets off the road and remains on the tracks. Brodie tries to save the old lady, but the car gets hit by a train. When Brodie wakes up in the hospital, young Reggie sits next to him. She saved his life on the tracks. Brodie agrees to help her find her friend Dr. Joanna Hunter and her little son in return. Reggie fears that Joanna's husband is behind the disappearance. Brodie also notes that his papers were exchanged while he was lying unconscious on the tracks. He now owns the wallet of a certain Andrew Jones. With his driver's license he rents a car and sets off together with Reggie on the search for Joanna. On the way back, he's stopped by the police. When they check the driver's license, Brodie is arrested because Andrew Jones is a multiple killer. (Text: ZDFneo)

Picture + sound: The atmospheric images of the rough coastal landscape around Edinburgh can unfold well on the DVD. Although in the darker scenes there are noticeable losses in detail and minimal image noise here and there, the overall impression remains positive due to the decent overall sharpness and the harmonious colouring. This also applies to the stereo sound, which more than satisfactorily fulfils its primary purpose - to make the dialogues and some atmospheric ambient sounds sound well coordinated with each other. Good!

Extras: Unfortunately the box does not have any bonus material.

Result: "Case Histories" is an exciting, extremely entertaining crime series that lives from its exciting cases and the investigator charismatically embodied by Jason Isaacs. Even if the links between individual investigations seem a little constructed, the high entertainment value of the series hardly suffers from it. The pleasant pinch of humour, the good actors and the very atmospheric camera work make the first season of British crime thriller entertainment of the best kind. And for that there is an absolutely deserved one: Recommendable!

Quelle: Sebastian Betzold / Summary: zdfNeo

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