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Deutschland 2017 - mit Andreas Lust, Judith Engel, Milena Dreissig, Nicole Marischka ...

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Regie:Nicolas Wackerbarth
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 94 Min
FSK:From 0 years
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Preparations for shooting a TV movie are in full swing. The shooting schedule is ready, the sets are built, it can start at any moment. Too bad that director Vera (Judith Engel) hasn't found a leading actress yet. The best actresses in the industry come to the casting, but for Vera the ideal cast is simply not there. While the producers are getting more and more nervous and the crew is getting more and more nervous, Gerwin (Andreas Lust), who earns his money as a trial partner, is happy about the additional work…

"Casting" is a satirical look at the film business, but also at the topic of self-marketing in general. The largely improvised comedy by Nicolas Wackerbarth shows in an amusing way what happens when oversized egos collide or when offended vanity and a tendency to self-portrayal are clinched together. When a famous actress, to whom the roles are actually cast, has to be made aware of why the director insists that she undergoes the hated casting process or when someone else has to be told with as many harmless compliments as possible why she has to wear a wig for the casting, then a very unpleasantly charged mood arises, which can, however, be humorously discharged by a slight exaggeration.

And again and again you ask yourself as a spectator: Where does the acting start for the actresses invited to audition? Only at the actual casting or already when entering the studio? What's real and what's staged? This is altogether entertaining and sometimes very amusing, but at times also quite exhausting to look at. The improvised game is supposed to suggest a certain genuineness, but in many moments it seems to be too artificial and too hard. This does not really stand out negatively at the beginning. But the more the events escalate, the more the feeling of authentic play disappears, and the whole thing somehow loses its appeal.

Whoever intends to work in film or television should rather not watch "Casting". Because here the picture of a nightmare factory is drawn, a fair of vanities, in which really only plays and dazzles what the stuff holds. The fact that this is quite amusing and biting despite some weaknesses leads to the fact that the movie deserves a "sight worth seeing" in the end.

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