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The big day

The big day

Frankreich 2015

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:La Grand Jour
Regie:Pascal Plisson
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2015
Laufzeit:Ca. 86 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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What do children dream of? What do they want to be when they grow up? Children all over the world deal with this question. But even if many children know at an early age what they want for their future, many lack the courage or simply the possibilities to make their dreams come true. Pascal Plisson, who has already accompanied several children from remote corners of the world "On their way to school", introduces four children in his new film who defy all resistance to make their wishes come true. Nidhi from India, for example, is determined to become an engineer. But for this she has to go to a very special school where only children who pass a difficult aptitude test are accepted. Albert from Cuba, on the other hand, wants to become a successful boxer and thus make his way out of poverty. But he has to learn that talent alone is not enough to stand up to the competition. Deegii from Mongolia is just 11 years old and already spends all her free time training her body for her big dream: she wants to be one of the celebrated snake people and show her talent all over the world. Tom from Uganda, who wants to become a ranger in a national park, has a completely different idea of his future. All these children and young people have to overcome poverty, inadequate education systems and other difficulties in order to be prepared for the "big day" when their future will be decided. The stories told here are very beautiful in themselves and also fulfil a certain role model function. Especially children in this country can notice how many chances they have, for which they don't have to fight every day anew like the four protagonists here. And perhaps they also notice that they simply leave many of these opportunities unused or do not know how to appreciate them because they have become a matter of course. On this basis, the film, like "On the Way to School", makes pedagogical sense and is recommendable.

On the other hand, the work suffers from exactly the same problem as its predecessor. Again Plisson chooses an awkward middle course between feature film and documentary. The protagonists are real, but their stories are only re-narrated. As the viewer soon realizes this, the staging seems very staged, here and there a little tense and a little bit manipulative in its dramaturgy. Again, the filmmaker seems to want to artificially build up tension with conflicts, which these stories actually wouldn't have needed. This becomes particularly clear in the end when the children and teenagers are allowed to break out of their "game" and speak naturally into the camera.

And so it also applies to "The Big Day" that this may have become an important and good film for children. But at the end it remains the feeling that the movie could have been more powerful and therefore more effective with less staging and more authenticity. Nevertheless, the bottom line is: worth seeing!

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  • The big day
  • The big day
  • The big day
  • The big day
  • The big day
  • The big day
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