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Dinosaur 3D - In the Realm of Giants

Dinosaur 3D - In the Realm of Giants

USA 2013 - mit den deutschen Stimmen von Otto Waalkes, Patrick Roche, Manuel Straube ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Walking with Dinosaurs 3D
Genre:Animation, Adventure, Children's Movie
Regie:Barry Cook, Neil Nightingale
Produktionsland:USA 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 88 min.
FSK:From 6 years
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With the series "Dinosaurs - In the Realm of Giants", the BBC has created a thrilling and instructive documentary series thanks to a perfect mixture of first-class CGI effects and fascinating nature shots, which is now to continue its triumphal march in the cinema. For the screen continuation, however, the makers have fundamentally changed the concept of the series. Here, too, there is sometimes information that is served in a child-friendly way. But first and foremost, the young viewers should be served an exciting primeval adventure with talking dinosaurs.

The story of "Dinosaur 3D - In the Realm of Giants" focuses on the little Pachyrhinosaurus Patchi (spoken by Patrick Roche), who has always been considered an outsider in his herd due to his size and lack of courage. His brother Bruto (Manuel Straube) loves to raise Patchi wherever possible. But of course it's not that easy to get little Dino down. He firmly believes in himself, finds a faithful friend in the voracious primeval bird Alex (Otto Waalkes) and falls in love with the dinosaur girl Juniper (Marie-Christin Morgenstern). But when Bruto becomes the new leader of the herd and with his stubborn head endangers the lives of Patchi, Juniper and the other Pachyrhinosaurs, Patchi has to give up his restraint and finally show a lot of courage and leadership - but he might soon regret this decision…

No question, the mixture of real backgrounds and animated primeval creatures works great again. Technically, this 3D visit to the "Realm of Giants" is almost perfect. The dinosaurs look great and in most moments almost lifelike. In principle, the idea is also to present the whole thing in a more child-friendly way in order to bring young Dino fans closer to the world of primeval giants. However, when after a few minutes some unimaginative faecal jokes are used to get a quick laugh, a bad feeling quickly spreads, which unfortunately becomes more and more apparent during the course of the movie.

Because at the beginning of the film - apart from a completely unnecessary framework plot set in the present - the filmmakers try to be not only entertaining, but also informative, at least in the beginning, the makers later only rely on almost completely humanized characters, a little original love story and a hackneyed message about courage and friendship. The animals talk to each other, but without moving their mouths, which also seems a little strange. Thus the whole thing leaves a very undecided overall picture: it is not a real educational film, but also not pure "talking animals" animation fun. On the one hand it is aimed at a very young audience, on the other hand the dinosaur fights are quite brutal. If an evil dinosaur's arms are broken, that's not necessarily recommended for very young moviegoers.

However, these criticisms will probably only be noticed by older dinosaur fans who enjoy the first-class animations but won't be enthusiastic about the childish gags - including the sayings of bird Alex alias Otto Waalkes. Children, however, will definitely love the movie, as their demands are quite different from those of adult viewers. But even if the film is a lot of fun for the younger dinosaur fanatics, it would have been nice if the makers would have trusted the children with a little more attention and interest for information transfer in the way it was practiced in the series. You don't necessarily have to dumb down such substances to entertain children well. Therefore: Visual top, content rather flop, but for Dino fans between 6 and 11 years absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Dinosaur 3D - In the Realm of Giants
  • Dinosaur 3D - In the Realm of Giants
  • Dinosaur 3D - In the Realm of Giants
  • Dinosaur 3D - In the Realm of Giants
  • Dinosaur 3D - In the Realm of Giants
  • Dinosaur 3D - In the Realm of Giants
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