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Docteur Knock - A doctor with certain side effects

Docteur Knock - A doctor with certain side effects

Frankreich 2017 - mit Omar Sy, Alex Lutz, Ana Girardot, Sabine Azèma ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Comedy, Drama
Regie:Lorraine Lévy
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 113 Min
FSK:From 6 years
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By a crazy coincidence, the small thorn knock (Omar Sy) becomes a respected doctor. As such, he accepts a position in the sleepy small town of Saint-Mathieu, where he has very little to do as a doctor. For the inhabitants of the village enjoy the best of health. But Docteur Knock manages to convince his new patients with his very special charm and his irresistible power of persuasion that they are still plagued by one or the other little problem. And so the cash registers ring quickly with him and the local pharmacy. But then his foolproof plan is shaken when he falls in love with the young Adèle (Ana Girardot) and he develops something like a conscience. When a dark shadow from his past appears in Saint-Mathieu, the new prosperity and idyllic life could finally be over…

Since "Ziemlich beste Freunde" Omar Sy has been the great sympathizer of French cinema. But even though his charm is omnipresent in "Docteur Knock", it is difficult for him to really enchant his audience here. This may be due to Lorraine Levy's undecided staging. For the fourth time already, the story of Dr. Knock, which celebrated its premiere as a play in 1923, has been adapted for cinema. Levy moved the plot of the actually quite gloomy piece to the 1950s and wanted to make it, enriched with humor and romance, a real feel-good film.

But unfortunately she didn't succeed. Sure, there are some pretty amusing scenes. And Saint-Mathieu actually seems as if one could feel comfortable here. But the film simply doesn't want to succeed in finding a harmonious tone. The staging meanders back and forth between slapstick, farce, satire, drama and romance. The biggest problem is that the movie isn't really funny, nor is the story told in such an exciting or emotionally enthralling way, that you'd be happy to forgive such weaknesses. 

That's how "Docteur Knock", in all this indecision, gets the worst fate a movie can have: He doesn't get really bad, but he gets insignificant and extremely boring. Is the viewer at the beginning interested in how the crook becomes a doctor and how he snatches the money of the healthy citizens of the idyllic village in southern France? But it soon becomes clear that neither the comedic timing is right, nor the story's elaboration really works.

After almost two very long hours only disappointment remains - disappointment about the wasted talent of Omar Sy, but also disappointment about having invested time and money for a film, which you might just give a chance to see on TV, but which you really don't have to see in the cinema. And that's why it's really only worth seeing for hardcore fans of Omar Sy. Otherwise save the money and invest in one of the many better movies that are currently shown in the cinema.

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  • Docteur Knock - A doctor with certain side effects
  • Docteur Knock - A doctor with certain side effects
  • Docteur Knock - A doctor with certain side effects
  • Docteur Knock - A doctor with certain side effects
  • Docteur Knock - A doctor with certain side effects
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