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Early Man - Stone Age ready!

Early Man - Stone Age ready!

Großbritannien/Frankreich 2018 - mit den deutschen Stimmen von Friedrich Mücke, Palina Rojinski, Kaya Yanar ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Early Man
Genre:Animation, Comedy, Children's Movie
Regie:Nick Park
Produktionsland:Großbritannien/Frankreich 2018
Laufzeit:Ca. 89 Min
FSK:From 0 years]
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The Earth many, many, many years ago: The tribe of Stone Age man Dug (spoken by Friedrich Mücke) lives simply and modestly. Everyone is satisfied - except Dug, who is convinced that there must be more than just the daily rabbit hunt. When suddenly the Bronze Men appear under the leadership of the evil Lord Nooth (Kaya Yanar) and want to take their land from the Stone Age people, it is up to Dug and his faithful friend, the wild boar Hognob, to save his people. And Dug already has an idea: he found out that the ancestors of his tribe possessed an extraordinary talent in so-called "footballing". And so he challenges the arrogant bronze men to an epic game - which he could soon regret very much…

Nick Park, the creative head behind "Wallace & Gromit" or "Shaun the Sheep", and his team from Aardman Animation have once again kneaded hard. The result is "Early Man", the biggest production of the British studio so far. For more than one and a half years the movements of the once again very loving clay figures were recorded in the complex stop motion procedure, which were distributed over different, parallel sets. This time, however, special effects and CGI were also increasingly used, for example to create the crowds for the football scenes, which would have been far too time-consuming and costly with clay figures.

The story is bizarre, but quite funny over long stretches. However, some gags are relatively flat, so that the class of "Wallace & Gromit: On the hunt for the "giant rabbit" is not really reached. One problem for the German version is that the film lives from a lot of wordplay that can hardly be translated into other languages. So the dubbed version is a little bit weaker than the British original. However, there's still enough to laugh about, and it's especially worthwhile - as is always the case with Aardman films - to pay attention to small details in the background, where the funniest ideas are often hidden.

The animation fun can score with many original ideas, detailed designed sets and some wonderful slapstick inserts. And the prehistoric wild boar Hognob, just like the sweet bunnies, has what it takes to become the darling of the public. Nevertheless, at the end the movie lacks some of the very special charm that made other Aardman movies so wonderful. Not the big hit, but still a really funny fun for young and old and therefore also: Worth seeing!

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  • Early Man - Stone Age ready!
  • Early Man - Stone Age ready!
  • Early Man - Stone Age ready!
  • Early Man - Stone Age ready!
  • Early Man - Stone Age ready!
  • Early Man - Stone Age ready!
  • Early Man - Stone Age ready!
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