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USA 2013 - mit Matt Damon, Jodi Foster, Sharlto Copley, Alice Braga, Diego Luna ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Sci-Fi, Action
Regie:Neill Blomkamp
Produktionsland:USA 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 109 Min.
FSK:From 16 years
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In the year 2154 the earth is no longer a particularly worth living place due to environmental pollution, overpopulation and depleted resources. The few people who were still able to preserve their wealth in this time have therefore left the earth and now live on the space station Elysium, an artificial paradise where there is no hunger, no disease and no crime. If you can't afford the place in the idyll, you have to live your life on earth and fight for survival every day. For the ex-convict Max (Matt Damon) this fight becomes almost hopeless when he is exposed to a deadly dose of radiation at work and only has five days left until he dies in agony. Max knows he can only be saved on Elysium. But a man like him would never be allowed access to the space station because of the harsh immigration laws. But Max is so desperate that he is recruited by gangster boss Spider (Wagner Moura) to a dangerous mission - a mission whose success Elysium's Defence Minister Delacourt (Jodie Foster) wants to prevent at all costs with the help of the unscrupulous Kruger (Sharlto Copley)…

In music there is the phenomenon of the "difficult second album". This refers to artists whose debuts are so successful that an unbelievable pressure of expectation weighs on their successors - after all, this decides whether the artist was just a flash in the pan or whether they can expect qualitatively convincing and commercially successful work in the future. Many filmmakers also find themselves under similar pressure to succeed when they have achieved their big breakthrough with a film. In the case of the South African Neill Blomkampf, this was his feature film debut "Disctrict 9", which not only had great effects to offer with a rather small budget, but also an interesting and multi-layered story. Intelligent science fiction at its best, which has inspired critics and genre fans alike.

The expectations of his successor "Elysium" are correspondingly high, especially since Blomkamp here again tells a story set in a dystopian future, which is obviously again enriched with biting social criticism - only that this time he was allowed to squander considerably more money and had bigger stars standing in front of the camera. In the first third, "Elysium" can fully meet the high expectations. The story is very interesting and has a high voltage potential. The characters are well introduced, whereby the dramaturgy already treads some very well-trodden paths here.

After the very successful introduction, the action takes a very predictable course, whereby the story towards the end is more and more dominated by fast-paced, sometimes too blurred staged action. The approaches of social and consumer critique, which at the beginning still very obviously drive history, are almost completely lost here. That's a pity, because the movie gives away its potential a little, even if the entertainment value itself doesn't get any damage.

This remains on a very high level until the end. Sure, there are some badly clichéd twists and turns and also the at times quite drastic brutality could make some viewers sick of it. But the bottom line is that the positive aspects clearly predominate. So the film is simply visually great. Not only the Elysium space station or the combat robots, but also the futuristic favelas are a masterpiece of computer effects and equipment. And also the actors give their best not to be pushed into the background by the visual impact of the movie. Besides Matt Damon, who can convince as a normal petty criminal with an iron will to survive, especially "District 9" main actor Sharlto Copley delivers a great performance as brutal psychopath Kruger. Only Jodi Foster remains a little pale, which can also be due to the fact that her character is very undercooled and emotionless.

"Elysium" may not have become the big litter Neill Blomkamp had hoped for after "District 9". But despite some dramatic weaknesses, it's still visually stunning, intelligent science fiction that offers the best entertainment without offending the intellect. And of course there is a more than deserved one: Absolutely worth seeing!

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