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Exit Marrakech

Exit Marrakech

Deutschland 2013 - mit Ulrich Tukur, Samuel Schneider, Hafsia Herzi, Josef Bierbichler ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Caroline Link
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 122 Min
FSK:From 6 years
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Twelve years after her Oscar winner "Nowhere in Africa" the award-winning filmmaker Caroline Link has returned to the African continent. From there, more precisely from Morocco, she tells another moving story against a fascinating backdrop. At the centre of the action is 17-year-old Ben (Samuel Schneider), who is to spend his holidays with his father Heinrich (Ulrich Tukur), a celebrated theatre director, in Marrakech. Ben is not very enthusiastic about it, as his father is even stranger to him than Morocco. But while the time he spends with Heinrich tends to alienate father and son, Ben becomes more and more enchanted by the unknown world that Marrakech reveals to him. When he falls in love with the beautiful Karima (Hafsia Herzi), the boy makes a bold decision: he follows the young woman to her remote home village, hoping to get to know the country, the people and their culture better. He forgets to report to his father. When he sets off on a search for his son, a journey begins for both of them, which not only leads them through a foreign country, but will also show them the direction in which their future relationship with each other will go…

"Exit Marrakech" is a film about different cultures and especially about different family images. On one side is Ben's broken family. The parents are divorced, he and his father are completely strangers to each other and an approach seems almost impossible. On the other hand, Karima's family. Here there is a close cohesion and although as a woman she feels forms of oppression from society - and thus also from her father - it is natural for her to give her earned money to the family. The togetherness Ben experiences with Karima's family is completely strange to him, but at the same time she could never understand how little the boy cares about getting to know his father or half-sister better.

Interesting is also the confrontation with cultural contrasts. How much sense does it make to bring what we see as high culture to a country that sees the world with completely different eyes, has different values and concerns? Especially at the beginning this question is raised, which could have been deepened a bit more. But more and more the father-son story becomes the focus of attention and in the last third all other aspects of the story are almost completely ignored. The movie is flawlessly staged, very well played and wonderfully filmed. There's no question about it. But especially after "Nirgendwo in Afrika" and "Im Winter ein Jahr" one would have expected a film with a similar emotional impact from Caroline Link. And unfortunately it doesn't appear here.

The story Link tells here is beautiful and also has some wonderful moments. However, she isn't strong enough to carry the movie for more than two hours and to trigger the viewer's big feelings. There are scenes again and again, in which the story just splashes nicely, which in the long run can be a bit tenacious or even boring for some viewers. "Exit Marrakech" is a beautiful film. But he did not become the stirring work that was to be expected after Links very moving predecessors. But for those who like a nice story and wonderful pictures from Morocco, "Exit Marrakech" can be recommended. Worth seeing

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  • Exit Marrakech
  • Exit Marrakech
  • Exit Marrakech
  • Exit Marrakech
  • Exit Marrakech
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