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Deutschland 2013 - mit Michael Maertens, Sandra Hüller, Carla Juri, Corinna Harfouch, Ronald Zehrfeld ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Comedy, Drama, Tragicomedy
Regie:Frauke Finsterwalder
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 95 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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Here the world still seems to be in order: chiropodist Claude (Michael Maertens) sacrificially looks after his elderly patient Mrs. Sandberg (Margit Carstensen), a mute hermit (Johannes Kirsch) lives in harmony with nature and a committed teacher (Christoph Bach) tries to convey the horror of the Nazi regime to his pupils (Carla Juri, Leonard Scheicher, among others) dressed in chaste uniforms. But the cheerful song on Claude's lips, the delicious biscuits he brings with him to Mrs. Sandberg, the loving manner of policeman Tom (Ronald Zehrfeld) or the idyllic landscape - all of these are just illusions. Because behind the apparently so well preserved facade it looks really dark in this world…

"Finsterworld" is bizarre, evil, disturbing, funny and uncomfortable. But first and foremost, the episodically told work is one thing: very, very unusual. There are moments that make the viewer laugh heartily, whereas other scenes are more shocking or cause astonished incomprehension. Immersed in a deceptively harmonious pictorial language, new abysses reveal themselves in the course of the stories, which have terrible consequences especially for student Natalie, played by "Wetlands" star Carla Juri. When the figures are presented in their introductory scenes, they still seem rather one-dimensional and clichéd. But the expectations of the audience are quickly led ad absurdum and the whole thing is steered into unexpected, sometimes extremely absurd directions.

A very well-arranged interplay of images, music and dialogues follows, which sometimes present themselves extremely biting and subtle. In this way, the film deals with themes such as loneliness, longing, fear and guilt. Some things reveal themselves very obviously, while others hide themselves in a certain depth of staging. This also ensures that "Finsterworld" is a film that can't be consumed just like that. You have to think about him, question many things and analyse them in more detail. It's a challenging film, but at the same time it can entertain you well in many moments - and that's not a matter of course, especially in German cinema.

Surely not all pieces of this puzzle work equally well. But even if there are some weaknesses here and there, the movie can't be denied one thing: it leaves an impression that can't be shaken off again so quickly. Supported by a good cast of actors consisting of a harmonious mixture of experienced professionals like Corinna Harfouch, Ronald Zehrfeld or Sandra Hüller and talented young actors like Carla Juri and Leonard Scheicher, filmmaker Frauke Finsterwalder has staged an unusual and mysterious Heimatfilm of a very special kind, which shows how close beauty and darkness are and how deep the abysses of the human soul can be. Certainly not a film suitable for the masses for a wider audience, but open-minded arthouse lovers who like German cinema costumes of the bizarre, satirical and black humorous kind can confidently go on a trip to the "Finsterworld". Worth seeing

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