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Fisherman`s Friends

Fisherman`s Friends

Großbritannien 2019 - mit James Purefoy, Daniel Mays, Tuppence Middleton, Maggie Steed, David Hayman ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Fisherman`s Friends
Regie:Chris Foggin
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 112 Min
FSK:From 0 years
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What should become a bachelor weekend with lots of beer and fun turns into a real nightmare for music manager Danny (Daniel Mays): his boss Troy (Noel Clarke) leaves him behind in the small fishing village of Port Isaac to sign the local shanty choir. Not suspecting that the whole thing is supposed to be a joke, Danny puts all his energy into convincing the singing sailors that they have what it takes to be a hit. At first Danny is simply annoyed by the task and does not go down well with the inhabitants of the village with his arrogant nature. But the more time he spends with the Fisherman`s Friends, the more convinced he is that he actually has a big fish on the hook. And indeed: After a TV appearance, the volunteer sea rescuers around Fischer Jim (James Purefoy) become a hit and Danny also seems to win the heart of Jim's daughter Alwyn (Tuppence Middleton). Everything is heading for a happy end - but then a wrong decision by Danny could destroy everything again… 

The story of "Fisherman`s Friends" sounds like a typical modern fairy tale. But in fact it is based on a true story. The singing sea bears from Port Isaac actually exist. In 2010, the members of the Shanty Choir signed a record contract for the handsome sum of 1 million pounds and entered the top 10 of the British charts with their first album. They were discovered by Ian Brown, from whom the character of Danny is loosely inspired. 

Director Chris Foggin was inspired by the truly unique success story of "Fisherman`s Friends" to create a relaxed feel-good comedy, which follows a very classic scheme and therefore has hardly anything really surprising to offer. However, Foggin reworks familiar things in such an amusing and charming way that the viewer simply has a really good time. Not only the vocal parts of the choir conjure up a blissful smile on your face again and again. 

Addicted, a few clichés could have saved the production. But any dramaturgical weakness is easily caught by the good-humoured actors and the wonderful landscape of Cornwall. So it's no wonder that the success story of the choir has been continued in the cinema, so that a sequel is even planned. If you want to see for yourself why so many British people experience the rough charm of the singing fishermen, you should not miss this warm-hearted comedy. Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Fisherman`s Friends
  • Fisherman`s Friends
  • Fisherman`s Friends
  • Fisherman`s Friends
  • Fisherman`s Friends
  • Fisherman`s Friends
  • Fisherman`s Friends
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