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Forever Adaline

Forever Adaline

USA 2015 - mit Blake Lively, Michiel Hiusman, Harrison Ford, Ellen Burstyn, Kathy Baker ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:The Age of Adaline
Regie:Lee Toland Krieger
Produktionsland:USA 2015
Laufzeit:Ca. 113 Min.
FSK:From 6 years
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Many people dream of eternal life. For Adaline (Blake Lively) this seems to be reality since a car accident in 1935. Because she hasn't aged a day since that fateful night. Now she leads a very secluded life. She doesn't want to tie herself to anyone she's gonna lose anyway. Only her daughter Flemming (Ellen Burstyn) knows the secret that Adaline has been carrying around with her for so many decades and that forces her again and again to assume a new identity in a new city. A love affair is out of the question for Adaline. She once had to break the heart of a man she loved. She doesn't want to see that again. But then she meets the charming Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) and just can't escape his attraction. For the first time in many years she experiences a feeling of happiness that she had never thought she could feel again. And actually, she's starting to think she might have a real future with Ellis. But this dream is suddenly shattered when she gets to know his parents...

"Forever Adaline" is not really logical, is uninhibitedly kitschy and in some moments very thick. And yet the movie is simply beautiful and surely one of the most wonderful film romances of the last years. Director Lee Toland Krieger ("Celeste & Jesse") creates a true epic here, which, fortunately, isn't a remake and not a sequel and also isn't based on a novel or another already known template. So it's finally a "new" story again, that actually reveals something like originality in some moments. And even if the reason given by the off-narrator for Adaline's eternal youth sounds pretty hanebüchen, the story works really well in its fantastic way.

That is partly due to the staging. Lee Toland Krieger and his team bring the individual decades in which we are allowed to observe Adaline to life very well with suitable equipment and beautiful pictures. The visual language is reminiscent and allows the viewer to dive perfectly into the respective periods of time. One never feels as if one is torn out of history by the leaps in time. The music is also very ingratiating, which intensifies the feeling of being allowed to indulge in unrestrained languishing. Well, how nice...

Another reason why the movie works so well is the actors. "Gossip Girl" Blake Lively is a romantic heroine and simply enchanting. With Michiel Huisman ("Game of Thrones") an extremely charming partner was put to her side. Between the two the sparks fly and one wishes them nothing more than that they can grow old happily together. Raubein Harrison Ford shows itself here once from a completely different, very soft side. And he does it beautifully, too. Admittedly, Oscar-required achievements are sought here in vain. However, all of the actors manage excellently to fill their characters with life and make them very accessible for the audience. And in view of the rather one-dimensional character drawing this is a more than respectable achievement.

Whoever has nothing to do with romance and for whom cinema must be an image of reality, "Forever Adaline" is really not the right film for him. If you like to immerse yourself in wonderful love stories, are not ashamed of your tears and want to experience one of the most sympathetic lovers of recent times, you should not miss this enchanting work. But there is a very clear one: Absolutely worth seeing!!!

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  • Forever Adaline
  • Forever Adaline
  • Forever Adaline
  • Forever Adaline
  • Forever Adaline
  • Forever Adaline
  • Forever Adaline
  • Forever Adaline
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