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Forget My Me

Forget My Me

Deutschland 2014 - mit Maria Schrader, Johannes Krisch, Ronald Zehrfeld, Sandra Hüller ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Jan Schomburg
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 93 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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An undiagnosed meningitis has fatal consequences for Lena Ferben (Maria Schrader). Her career, her marriage to Tore (Johannes Krisch), her friends - all of this is not available in her memory from one moment to the next. Lena suffers from retrograde amnesia, no longer has access to her biographical memory and can no longer interpret emotions. She must first learn anew what it means to be sad or happy, who the people are in her former life and what her old self has made out. Tore and her own diaries are supposed to help her. But is it enough to memorize and imitate all the memories and behaviors of an old life to really become Lena again?

Inspired by a radio feature of a 40-year-old woman with complete retrograde amnesia, filmmaker Jan Schomburg has staged a moving drama with "Vergiss mein Ich" (Forget My I), which deals with a very essential question based on the story of Lena: what actually constitutes the "I"? Is the woman who has lost her biographical memory and forgotten all her emotions Lena again, when she has perfected it, to portray her old self? The film tells a difficult story that can only really work with the right main actress. Fortunately, Schomburg found them in Maria Schrader.

Schrader plays the woman in search of her ego with oppressive intensity. You can feel her fear in the beginning, notice that she simply doesn't understand what is happening to her and around her. How she fights her way out of this situation is simply great acting cinema. But also Johannes Kirsch as her desperate husband, who wants to do everything to get his Lena back, as well as Ronald Zehrfeld as a stranger fascinated by the "new" Lena, who fathoms her emotions, deliver very good representations.

Whether the very dramatic moments between Lena and Tore, the surprisingly clear sex scenes or also the very subtle humor, which is easy to feel again and again, all this makes "Forget my self" in connection with the great actors and the interesting and moving story one of the real Arthaus highlights of the year. It's not an easy film, the staging is sometimes a bit bulky and exhausting. But it's more than worth it to get involved. Anyone who appreciates challenging programme cinema costs from Germany should not miss this very special drama simply because of Maria Schrader. Worth seeing

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  • Forget My Me
  • Forget My Me
  • Forget My Me
  • Forget My Me
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