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Frank Zappa - Eat that Question

Frank Zappa - Eat that Question

Deutschland/Frankreich 2016 - mit Frank Zappa ...

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Regie:Thorsten Schütte
Produktionsland:Deutschland/Frankreich 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 89 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Frank Zappa was a real all-rounder: musician, composer, artist, producer, autodidact. He was someone who didn't care about conventions, who didn't want to be pigeonholed and who liked to show moral apostles and establishment his symbolic middle finger with his texts. He always made exactly the kind of music he wanted to make, whether he was commercially successful or not. And it is precisely this that has made him one of the most important mouthpieces of an entire generation. Documentary filmmaker Thorsten Schütte has now worked closely with Zappa's family to capture Zappa's provocative genius in a film. Now he could have interviewed many companions, admirers and experts. But Schütte prefers to rely on the person who can best show who Frank Zappa was: Frank Zappa himself.

With "Frank Zappa - Eat that Question", Schütte has created much more than a simple artist biography from vast amounts of sometimes very rare archive material.  One learns a lot about the life and career of Frank Zappa, sees first appearances in US shows or can listen to his first musical steps. But in addition, the fact that Zappa himself usually has his say here gives the viewer a deep and pleasantly differentiated insight into a highly interesting artistic soul that was far more than the scandal musician that the conservative media have always seen in him.

Although you are not familiar with the music of Frank Zappa, this documentary has become extremely exciting and entertaining. From the mass of material he selected really great interview and performance sequences, whereby he did not proceed linearly in the compilation. He sets very interesting contrasts and shows how much Zappa has changed on the one hand, but how much he has always remained true to himself on the other. A really worth seeing documentary, which is a must not only for music lovers! Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Frank Zappa - Eat that Question
  • Frank Zappa - Eat that Question
  • Frank Zappa - Eat that Question
  • Frank Zappa - Eat that Question
  • Frank Zappa - Eat that Question
  • Frank Zappa - Eat that Question
  • Frank Zappa - Eat that Question
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