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Gates dance

Gates dance

Deutschland 2013 - mit Julius Feldmeier, Sascha Alexander Geršak, Annika Kuhl, Swantje Kohlhof, Til Theinert ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Katrin Gebbe
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 110 min.
FSK:From 16 years
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For Gates (Julis Feldmeier) there is only one thing in life: his love for Jesus. He lives in a small punk community called Jesus Freaks. He doesn't attach much importance to worldly possessions. He only wants to pass on his charity, even if his fellow men usually only look at him obliquely or even mock him. When he helps the family father Benno (Sascha Alexander Geršak) with a car breakdown supposedly only with his faith in Jesus to continue driving, Tore does not yet suspect how much his life will change by this encounter. When he is disappointed by his roommate's lack of will for sexual abstinence and is looking for a new place to stay, Benno offers him to spend the summer together with his girlfriend Astrid (Annika Kuhl) and the children Sanny (Swantje Kohlhof) and Dennis (Til Theinert) on his allotment plot. First of all, everything looks like Tore found a new family here. But little by little Benno reveals sadistic tendencies, under which especially Tore increasingly suffers. But his unconditional love for his neighbor and his unbroken optimism encourage him to stay with Benno, convinced that through his love and faith he can make him a better person…

With "Tore tanzt" Katrin Gebbe has delivered a very uncomfortable, hard and provocative debut that strikes the audience right into the pit of the stomach, works its way into the head from there and then settles down there. It doesn't take long to get rid of this story inspired by true events. This is not only due to the fact that the case of modern slavery from London, which is currently dominating the media, gives the film an undreamt-of topicality. And it's not just because of the frighteningly intense play that Sascha Alexander Geršak is just revealing. Rather, it is the feeling of a depressing helplessness with which the viewer is confronted that makes this drama so intense.

Tore's actions are not always comprehensible. One wonders more than once why the boy voluntarily stays with the family, although he experiences humiliation and violence here. But since Tore as a figure is difficult to classify and tangible anyway, his unbroken optimism and his unshakable belief in the good in man does not seem artificial or untrustworthy. It is believed that this person is really convinced that he can change Benno and thus make a better life possible for Sanny. He really believes that his love for Jesus will help him with this difficult task. This may not be comprehensible to the viewer, but it is still believable. And that's exactly what creates the disturbing atmosphere that makes this movie so uncomfortable.

"Tore tanzt" deserves a lot of respect. Respect for the courage to implement such a topic so uncompromisingly. Respect for the acting achievements of all participants. And also respect for a production that seems a bit overdone here and there, but all in all just comes across as relentless and completely unembellished. It is clear that not every spectator will be able to make friends with it. For exposing oneself to a film that actually only makes you angry, that in a certain way is repulsive, depressing and disturbing is a challenge that you have to face very consciously in order to recognize the importance and power of this drama. Anyone who succeeds in this will be rewarded with a really strong piece of young German cinema. But if you're generally looking for a place to retreat from everyday life in the cinema and like it when you can return to reality happy and in a good mood after a film, you're guaranteed to bite your teeth out on this work. Therefore: only for very courageous and open-minded lovers of German program cinema cost absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Gates dance
  • Gates dance
  • Gates dance
  • Gates dance
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