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Generation Wealth

Generation Wealth

USA 2018 - mit Lauren Greenfield ...

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Originaltitel:Generation Wealth
Regie:Lauren Greenfield
Produktionsland:USA 2018
Laufzeit:Ca. 105 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Once the US-American photographer and director Lauren Greenfield wanted to draw attention to hunger and suffering in different parts of the world with her work. Maybe it could make a difference. But the hoped-for order failed to materialize. She didn't get it until she took pictures of rich kids in LA. Since then Greenfeld has been concerned with wealth and materialism. For 25 years she has been plunging again and again into a world of decadence and luxury. A world where only the self seems to count. Now she has portrayed the "Generation Wealth" in a documentary film that fascinates in a terrible way, that makes you angry, but also shows one thing very clearly: Money isn't everything in life.

Laura Greenfield has succeeded in making a film that is pleasingly multi-layered and at the end also self-reflecting. The filmmaker not only points the moral index finger at people who seem to have lost every form of decency or humanity from the addiction to ever more material wealth, to ostentatious status symbols and to recognition, and who punish those who have less with condescension or worse. With the images shown here at the very beginning, it would have been easy to reduce the film to such a message.

But Greenfield tries more. She tries to look behind the glamorous facades. It shows people who were either destroyed by the addiction to fame and money or who did not get the luck they hoped for with a lot of money. This eventually leads her to question herself and her work a bit, which adds another interesting level to the film. And so maybe in the end you get a completely different message than you would have expected at the beginning of the movie.

"Generation Wealth" puts its finger on a stirring, moving and quite fascinatingly entertaining way in a deep wound of our society, where Likes and Instagram followers seem to count more than true friendships. A film that not only shows the ugly grimace behind the beautiful appearance, but also the deeply human sides, which one all too often overlooks. An interesting and at times also quite important documentary film, which more than deserves its "Absolutely worth seeing".   ]

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  • Generation Wealth
  • Generation Wealth
  • Generation Wealth
  • Generation Wealth
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