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Germany. Your self-portrait

Germany. Your self-portrait

Deutschland 2016

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Sönke Wortmann
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 103 min.
FSK:From 6 years
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On July 24, 2010, the production company of cult director Ridley Scott, together with the online portal YouTube, called on users around the world to capture special moments of this day with their cameras and upload them to YouTube. 80,000 contributions from 190 countries with a total running time of over 4,500 hours were the impressive result. Director Kevin Macdonald ("State of Play", "The Eagle of the Ninth Legion"), his executive producer Ridley Scott, producer Liza Marshall and an intrepid team of collaborators cut a kaleidoscope of one day on our planet from this wealth of material.

The success of "Life in a Day - One Day on Our Earth" was followed by offshoots from Japan, England, Italy and India. With "Germany. Your Self-Portrait", a day in the life of the Germans is now also being brought to the screen. Under the direction of Sönke Wortmann, more than 10,000 contributions filmed with video camera, tablet or smartphone on June 20, 2015 were viewed and edited into a sometimes amusing, sometimes moving, sometimes interesting and sometimes trivial whole. There were only a few guidelines for the participants in the project. They were only supposed to orient themselves by three guiding questions: What makes you happy? What are you afraid of? What does Germany mean to you? Apart from that, the motto was: Just start filming.

While most of the scenes are very short and only present short snapshots, some participants are given more time. These longer contributions, divided into short scenes scattered throughout the film, are among the stronger moments of "Deutschland. Your Self-Portrait". Even if they look as if they were directed by professional documentary filmmakers, which weakens the personal, "simple" character of the project a little, they simply tell the most exciting stories. The short clips that otherwise dominate the film, in fact, seem simply tiring in the long run.

The problem is that the concept of "Life in a Day - One day on our earth" is not easily transferred to individual countries. The appeal of the original project was to show not only the differences, but above all the many similarities between people from different countries and cultures. If you take this point out, the whole thing quickly degenerates into a long-winded selfie show like the one you can admire a hundred times a day on YouTube. Of course the makers of the Germany version tried to show how colourful and diverse our society is. But unfortunately this happens very hesitantly, one-sidedly and yet also badly clichéd, which is why this aspect doesn't really work. Rather, "Germany. Your Self-Portrait" seems to want to convey a picture of Germany as the makers would like it to be - which does not always correspond to what it really is.

However, despite all criticism, "Deutschland. Your Self-Portrait" has some very nice scenes to offer, about which you can laugh heartily from time to time. The best of these scenes, however, is hidden only in the credits. Here a little boy is observed, who "discusses" with his daddy in a funny way! Because of such moments there is for a visit to the cinema then at the end of the day just one more: Recommendable!
>>x>BR</x>>For further information about the film click HERE.

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  • Germany. Your self-portrait
  • Germany. Your self-portrait
  • Germany. Your self-portrait
  • Germany. Your self-portrait
  • Germany. Your self-portrait
  • Germany. Your self-portrait
  • Germany. Your self-portrait
  • Germany. Your self-portrait
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