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Get us from evil

Get us from evil

USA 2014 - mit Eric Bana, Èdgar Ramírez, Olivia Munn, Joel McHale, Sean Harris ...

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Originaltitel:Deliver us from evil
Genre:Thriller, Mystery, Horror
Regie:Scott Derrickson
Produktionsland:USA 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 119 Min.
FSK:From 16 years
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A mother who throws her little child into a lion enclosure at the zoo for no apparent reason, a family frightened by eerie noises from her basement, a violent ex-soldier and strange characters that keep appearing - it's a whole series of disturbing and gloomy missions that NYPD Sergeant Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) and his partner Butler (Joel McHale) are summoned to in no time at all. It quickly becomes apparent that there is a connection between the individual cases, which seems to be directly related to an operation in the Iraqi desert four years ago. While events are increasingly gnawing at Sarchie's psyche, which also affects his wife Jen (Olivia Munn) and daughter Christina (Lulu Wilson), the unorthodox priest Joe Mendoza (Edgar Ramírez) offers him help in solving the case. Because Mendoza is certain that demonic forces are at work here. Sarchie doesn't want to hear about it at first, but soon he also has to realize that the events can no longer be rationally explained…

"Save Us from Evil" is based on the records of the real New York policeman and later demonologist Ralph Sarchie, who wrote down his paranormal experiences in the police service in the book "Beware the Night". As in "The Exorcism of the Emily Rose", director Scott Derrickson has used the supposedly real events as the basis for a supernatural thriller, whereby this time the dark events are not located in the countryside, but in the middle of the metropolis of New York. And thanks to the atmospheric camera work this creates an extremely gripping atmosphere that comforts you over some logic holes and genre clichés.

For the fight against the demonic forces isn't really original. Especially the main character, who first has to face her inner demons in order to fight other supernatural powers, seems to have sprung directly from the textbook for exorcism movies. The fact that Eric Bana delivers a more than solid performance helps to make the character of the cop drawn by his work quite interesting despite the rather clichéd drawing. This becomes especially clear when Bana acts next to his film wife Olivia Munn. Even though Munn proved her acting talent especially in the series "Newsroom", she doesn't manage, in contrast to Bana, to fill her very one-dimensionally drawn character with any life at all.

Although all dramaturgical set pieces somehow seem familiar and the characters remain quite pale despite the good actors, "Save Us from Evil" has become a really thrilling and worth seeing mystery horror thriller. Like in "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and most recently in "Sinister" Derrickson again manages to use the worn out so effectively that as a viewer you just have to cheer - even if you already have a good idea where the journey is heading. A few really good shocking moments also increase the entertainment factor for genre fans. Admittedly, with just two hours the movie is just too long and then also pulls itself noticeably in some moments. A somewhat tighter staging would certainly have intensified the positive effect.

However, even with small lengths, "Proceed us from evil" is far from being boring. If you like exorcism thrillers, feel comfortable in a gloomy, oppressive atmosphere and simply appreciate a solid tension cinema of the supernatural kind, you will definitely get your money's worth here. No masterpiece, but the money for the cinema ticket is absolutely worth it!

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  • Get us from evil
  • Get us from evil
  • Get us from evil
  • Get us from evil
  • Get us from evil
  • Get us from evil
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