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Spanien/Chile 2012 - mit Paulina Garcia, Sergio Hernández, Diego Fontecilla, Fabiola Zamora ...

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Regie:Sebastián Lelio
Produktionsland:Spanien/Chile 2012
Laufzeit:Ca. 109 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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If she believed the women's magazines or television, Gloria (Paulina García) would already have her best years behind her. She is 58 years old, divorced and her children are already out of the house. But Gloria doesn't even see how she can let herself be pushed onto the siding. She still wants to experience something and enjoy the joys of love and life. And so Gloria goes to single parties again and again, where she meets Rodolfo (Sergio Hernández), who is seven years older. A passionate affair develops quickly between the two of them, in which Gloria believes she has found great happiness. But instead of going to heaven, Rodolfo takes her on an emotional rollercoaster ride that threatens to bring her to her knees. But Gloria doesn't let her joie de vivre be taken that lightly…

With "Gloria" director Sebastián Lelio wanted to stage a film about his mother's generation and to set a small monument to all Chilean women who defy the difficulties of life with a lot of positive energy and strong will. And so he just put a normal woman at the centre of his story. A woman who has no great influence on her fellow men, who rather observes how important things happen in the lives of the people around her. Gloria is in herself a woman who in other films would only have had the function of a minor character. For Lelio, telling the story from her perspective was the special attraction of the film.

As Gloria is present in every moment of the film, he needed a very strong actress who could carry the story with her charisma alone. He seems to have hit the bull's eye with Paulina Garcia, the charismatic main actress not only thrilled the audience at the Berlinale in such a way that there was a Silver Bear for Garcia. There's no question about it: for the audience that the film wants to appeal to, Paulina Garcia is a revelation, as she quickly succeeds in winning the hearts of the audience with a lot of charm and nuanced play.

Whoever is infected by Gloria's joy of life will be infected by her fight against the everyday defeats and her unbroken optimism. In this case "Gloria" is also a very well done and worth seeing feel-good movie. But for those who don't succeed in doing so, the events will quickly become insignificant and Gloria's ongoing singing will seem slightly annoying. Because superficially seen the story splashes from one scene to the next slowly before itself. It's kind of rousing, looks different. But sometimes the big and important things in life hide in seemingly trivial things. And the film shows this very beautifully in its unagitated way.

Those who have a soft spot for arthouse cinema food, which is aimed at the 50+ generation, those who don't need a particularly exciting story to be entertained well and those who love strong female characters will certainly be enchanted by "Gloria". Worth seeing

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