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Gone in 60 Seconds - Only 60 seconds left - Blu-Ray

Gone in 60 Seconds - Only 60 seconds left - Blu-Ray

USA 1974 - mit H.B. Halicki, Marion Busia, Jerry Daugirda, James McIntyre, Ronald Halicki ...


Originaltitel:Gone in 60 Seconds
Regie:H.B. Halicki
Produktionsland:USA 1974
Laufzeit:Ca. 98 min.
FSK:From 16 years
Anzahl der Disc:1
Sprachen:German, English (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1)
Bildformat:16:9 (1.77:1)
Extras:Cinema version (approx. 82 min.), retrospective, interviews, film excerpts, trailer, program tips
Label:Concorde Home Entertainment
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Amazon Link : Gone in 60 Seconds - Only 60 seconds left - Blu-Ray

Film: Just under a quarter of a century before Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie took the lead on the cinema charts in 2000 with "Only 60 seconds left", H.B. Halicki as director, producer, author, leading actor and stunt driver in the original "Gone in 60 Seconds" for a lot of scrap on the big screen. With a 40-minute chase that damaged over 90 cars, the film became a cult action film that can now be enjoyed in new splendour on DVD and Blu-Ray.

"Gone in 60 Seconds", originally released in Germany as "Die Blechpiraten", tells the story of the insurance detective Maindrian Pace (Halicki), who uses his expertise to earn big money as a car thief. When he receives an order from a South American drug king to steal 48 selected luxury cars in just five days, all the talent of Pace and his team is in demand. Despite some minor difficulties, the thieves' tour initially goes according to plan and most of the cars given female code names are soon ready to be handed over to the client. But when Pace approaches a yellow 1973 Mustang, called "Eleanor", he finds he has been betrayed to the police. Because she's already ready with a big posse to arrest the car thief. But they didn't make the calculation with Maindrian's driving skills and the robust chassis of "Eleanor"...

"Gone in 60 Seconds" has H.B. Halicki staged without the support of a large studio almost on his own. Many of the supporting roles were filled with friends and family members, while many of the dialogues they had to recite were completely improvised. Real police officers, firemen and passers-by standing around were used as extras. And so it's quite noticeable to the film that not everyone who stood in front of the camera was a real professional. So really high-quality acting cinema should not be expected. And also the hairstyles and the fashion are testimony to the worst aspects of the 1970s, which doesn't make the movie seem particularly timeless.

Why the action-racking action still works so well after all these years, is the fact that the chases are simply very spectacular and above all entertainingly staged. Just the 40-minute tin orgy that completes the film is pure fun cinema, at which Halicki could prove his talent as a stunt driver to the extreme. This sequence is a pleasant change from the overstyled action scenes that dominate contemporary blockbuster cinema. Who likes movies like "Auf dem Highway ist die Hölle los" and who are more interested in cars than dialogues, can warmly recommend this classic.

Picture + Sound: The fact that the movie has almost forty years on its back and was shot with a very small budget at that time, the Blu-Ray is also clearly noticeable despite digital improvements. While the German soundtrack had sound effects like squeaky tyres, police sirens and cars crashing against each other, the dialogues sound very tinny and dull. With the English soundtrack the voices sound a bit more harmonious, but they are not really powerful here either. If you switch on the German subtitles for help, you will notice that the German dubbing has skilfully avoided some politically incorrect remarks in a few moments, while the translation of the subtitles remains unadulterated to the original dialogues.

The picture shows a lot of blurriness, slight image noise and also minor soiling. All in all, however, the implementation was quite convincing, especially in the brighter moments of a forty-year-old low-budget production. If you take the age of the film into consideration, you should also be able to overlook the weak points in the audiovisual realization.

strong>Extras: As a bonus, Blu-Ray has not only a shorter cinema version (ca. 82 min. in Dolby Mono 1.0), a very interesting retrospective (approx. 45 min.), which not only deals with the shooting of the action hit, but also with the lives of director/producer/leading actor and stunt driver H.B. Halicki. Five quite interesting interviews (about 40 min.) and two excerpts (about 10 min.) from Halicki's movies "Deadline Auto Theft" and "The Junkman".The good additional offer is rounded off by the trailer for the film and other program tips.

Fazit: "Gone in 60 Seconds" is perhaps not the most demanding, intelligent and high-quality action film of the 1970s. But as a pure fun movie it still works really well even after forty years due to the legendary chase. The fact that we worked here with very original means and a lot of passion, is the template for Nicolas Cage hit "Nur noch 60 Sekunden" very positive to note. Anyone who likes classical brass orgies and places little value on great acting cinema with sophisticated dramaturgy will simply not be able to avoid this work. The Blu-Ray especially appeals because of the very interesting bonus material, but the technical implementation can only hide the age of the production in a few moments. Recommended

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